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NBA Southeast Division Odds

nba southeast division oddsThe NBA Southeast Division is one of the newer divisions in the league. It was created after the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) joined the league in 2004. In the division’s near 20-year existence, teams competing in it have made it to the NBA Finals on six occasions. The Miami Heat made five appearances (winning two) whereas Orlando Magic also made the final on one occasion but failed to win.

Following Miami Heat’s last appearance in the final, no team from the Southeast Division has made it all the way to the Championship. In turn, this has proven very disappointing for bettors, especially as the Atlanta Hawks made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals before bowing out.

If you would like to find out more about betting on the NBA Southeast Division, make sure to keep reading. Below we go through all you need to know about betting on these Eastern Conference teams, including where to bet, the odds of each team winning the division, and the current NBA Southeast standings. So, read on and begin making great NBA bets today at online gambling sites!

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nba southeast division predictions

NBA Southeast Division Predictions

Here is a look at each NBA Southeast team’s odd of winning the division this year:

  • Atlanta Hawks – the Hawks are having a very poor season despite having big stars like Trae Young in the squad. Having already lost more than 40 games this season, their odds of taking it are low at sports betting sites.
  • Charlotte Hornets – despite being owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan, the Hornets have always had a tough time in the league. This trend has continued through to this season with the team also having lost more than 40 games this season. Simply put, don’t bet on them this season.
  • Miami Heat – in the Southeast Division, the Miami Heat have always been a team that bettors can count on to perform relatively well. We think that they are set to take the division this season but we aren’t too sure about their NBA Championship prospects.
  • Orlando Magic – while Orlando has put up a good fight in trying to win their first NBA Final, it seems that they don’t have it in them to take the Southeast division this year. Unfortunately, Miami just seems a little too tough to beat.
  • Washington Wizards – with almost nothing separating the Wizards and the Charlotte Hornets, the best outcome the Wizards can hope for is a place in the playoffs. The team has no chance of taking the division at this point.
nba southeast division standings

NBA Southeast Division Standings

Looking at the NBA Southeast Division standings can help you make better bets on the teams featured in it. Right now, the Miami Heat are leading the charge.

Place Team Record
1 Miami Heat 41-24
2 Orlando Magic 30-35
3 Washington Wizards 24-40
4 Charlotte Hornets 23-42
5 Atlanta Hawks 20-47
nba southeast division teams

Current NBA Southeast Division Teams

nba southeast division champions

Last 10 NBA Southeast Division Champions

From the recent history of Southeast Division winners, the Miami Heat seem to be a good team to bet on. Outside of them, you may want to look at Orlando Magic.

Season Winner
2009–10 Orlando Magic
2010–11 Miami Heat
2011–12 Miami Heat
2012–13 Miami Heat
2013–14 Miami Heat
2014–15 Atlanta Hawks
2015–16 Miami Heat
2016–17 Washington Wizards
2017–18 Miami Heat
2018–19 Orlando Magic
nba southeast division betting

Current NBA Southeast Division Betting Statistics

Before placing a bet on the NBA Southeast Division, have a look at some of these betting statistics:

  • The Miami Heat are the most successful team in the division. They have won nine titles. Following the Heat, is Orlando Magic with four titles.
  • The only team in the division to have never won a title is the Charlotte Hornets. In addition, they have only made it to the playoffs on three occasions in their near 20-year history.
  • With regards to the NBA Championship, the Miami Heat are the most successful team in the division. In total, the team has won three NBA Finals but have made five appearances overall. The real turning point came in 2010 when the Heat signed Lebron James and Chris Bosh, which lead to a period of dominance.
  • The last team to win the Southeast Division title was the Orlando Magic. While they seem to be on an up, the Miami Heat are making it tough for them to take the league this season.
nba southeast division history

History of the Division

The Southwest Division was created in 2004 after the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) joined the league. The inaugural were the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards. The division has seen no line-up changes since its formation.

The division was extremely competitive in the early 2010s with the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks making it to the NBA playoffs on a regular basis. The Miami Heat made it to the NBA Finals in four straight years, winning on two occasions. However, since the end of the 2013-14 season, the division has struggled to send more than two teams to the playoffs on the regular. At least, every single team in the division has made the playoffs in the last five seasons.

Currently, Miami Heat and Orlando Magic seem to have the best chances of making it through to the playoffs and contesting for the Championship. With Trae Young having a strong season at the Atlanta Hawks, they may be a team to look out for in the future though.

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