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New York Giants at New England Patriots Predictions & Betting Odds

Although the New York Giants at New England Patriots matchup is sure to stir up the memories of old in some Giants fans, the matchup is far cry from what it used to be. Football bettors and fans used to love seeing the two teams go at it as Eli Manning used to be the only quarterback that Patriots legend Tom Brady could never beat but the times have changed. While Brady is still a great performer at 42, the Giants have not aged well.

The New England Patriots (current reigning Super Bowl champions) come into the matchup with a 5-0 record; they are currently the last remaining undefeated team in the AFC. However, the New York Giants have had a bit of an up and down streak, losing their first two games with Eli Manning as starter, and then won two after replacing him with rookie Daniel Jones. The Vikings proved a little too much for Jones and the team’s stuttering defensive line. Is the outcome of this matchup as easy to predict as it seems?

New York Giants at New England Patriots Prediction

Well, before making any predictions, let’s have a look at the stats surrounding the two teams in this matchup:

  • The New York Giants are 3-2 in their last five meeting with the Patriots. Two of those wins were Super Bowl victories. If one were to look at simply regular season games, the record would be 3-1 in favor of the Patriots.
  • The Patriots have never lost a home game against an opponent with a rookie quarterback since Bill Belichick took the role of head coach. Their current record is 11-0.
  • The Patriots have been strong both offensively and defensively this year. In total, they have managed to score an average of 31 points per game. With regards to points allowed, they have averaged about 6.8 per game.
  • Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had a tougher time completing passes and getting first downs against the Vikings – a team with a relatively strong defensive line.
  • The Giants defensive line has allowed an average of 25 points per game past them, which does not exactly reflect well on the team’s form.

So, with a good look at the stats, here are some of our predictions for New York Giants at New England Patriots:

  • Moneyline – while we wouldn’t even recommend placing a moneyline on this game due to the low odds associated with it, if we were going to, we would pick the Patriots. The reigning Super Bowl champions are one of the strongest teams in the league this year, and are sure to make getting past the Giants’ leaky defense, and shutting down their creaky offense very easy.
  • Spread – this is where bettors should really look to make some money on the game. We’d go for -17.5 in favor of the Patriots. It’s pretty clear that unless the unexpected really does happen that this is going to be a high scoring game, for the Patriots at least.

Kim’s NFL Record so far: 12-9 (Parlays: 0-2)

New York Giants at New England Patriots Betting Odds


Teams BetOnline Sports Betting MyBookie Bovada Intertops
Giants +770 +770 +675 +700 +650
Patriots -1100 -1100 -1050 -1200 -1000


Teams BetOnline Sports Betting MyBookie Bovada Intertops
Giants -110 -110 -110 -110 -110
Patriots -110 -110 -110 -110 -110

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