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New York Giants vs New York Jets Predictions, Picks & Betting Odds 11/10/19

Week 10 will see a battle for New York with New York Giants vs New York Jets. Both teams come into this game with terrible records and in real need of a win. The Giants come into the game on a five-game losing streak, with the most recent being a 37-18 loss to the Jets. Starting quarterback Daniel Jones, who was once heavily favored by fans, is now being chastised for his turnover rate, which the second worst in the league.

On the other side, the New York Jets have not been all that much better. At first, the franchise was without their starting quarterback Sam Darnold due to illness. However; even after Darnold returned, the Jets’ game improved for a single game. They come into the game following their third straight loss. The last probably stings the most as the team fell to the Miami Dolphins, arguably, the worst team the league has ever seen. So, who will get the victory in this all-round must-win game?

New York Giants vs New York Jets Predictions

Well, before we take a look at the predictions, here is how we got around to making those selections:

  • The New York Giants come into this game with a record of 2-7 and, as previously mentioned, a five-game losing streak. They have been vastly outplayed in pretty much all of their games with the only real potentially competitive games being against the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions.
  • Giants starting quarterback, Daniel Jones has been at the forefront of some of the offensive issues faced by the team. Although he is able to get the ball down field having thrown for 1676 yards and 11 touchdowns this season, he is terrible at losing the ball. In his last seven games, Jones has lost the ball due to interceptions or fumbles 16 times. Against Dallas, a forced fumble allowed the Cowboys to get the upper hand.
  • The New York Jets come into the game with a record of 1-7, and on a three-game losing streak. Their last game saw them lose against the absolutely dismal Miami Dolphins in rather embarrassing fashion. Before that, they also suffered big losses against the Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots. In short, they are not having an easy time finding the end zone.
  • While starting quarterback Sam Darnold was meant to fix all the issues when he returned, he has not turned the team into a winning one. Thus far this season, he has thrown for 1077 yards and six touchdowns against nine interceptions. Many believe that he may be one of the root causes of the Jets’ issues, and with such a record, it isn’t really a surprise.
  • Offensively, the Giants have the Jets beat on every stat. The Jets are ranked last or near last for pretty much every single important metric (such as yards per game, points per game and third down percentage.) The Giants’ figures aren’t anything to get excited about though as they are also on the bottom spectrum of the table.
  • Defensively, the Jets and Giants are on a rather similar level expect for rushing yards allowed, where the Jets are ranked 6th in the league.

With all this said, here are our predictions for the New York Giants vs New York Jets Week 10 matchup:

  • Moneyline – we think that the Giants are going to take this one. Although Jones can’t seem to keep his hands on the ball, Darnold doesn’t seem to be able to get his team down to the endzone. We think that the game is going to be ugly (filled with interceptions and fumbles) but at the end of it all, we think that the Giants stand on tall in New Jersey.

Kim’s NFL Prediction Record so far: 30-20 (Parlays: 0-2).

New York Giants vs New York Jets Odds


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