Kansas City Chiefs Odds

The Kansas City Chiefs is a professional American football club in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs played in the NFL as a member team of the league’s AFC West division. The team managed to make a comeback after a three-year drought, culminating in the Kansas City Chiefs exhibiting their skills in the 2015-2016 season. The team has been a franchise since 1960. The team has not won titles or championships since 1970, however, they still continue to play hard. Having only won one Super Bowl in 1970, we believe that team knows what they need to do in order to get back to the winning streak.

Kansas City Chiefs

Betting on Kansas City Chiefs Games

Kansas City Chiefs is the only team in Missouri, and they represent the show-me state in the National Football League. The Chiefs have an exciting NFL history. They won three league finals, including the Super Bowl in 1969. This was their most recent league championship.

The Missouri-based team have won no Conference Championships. Yet, they have also won eight Regional Championships, with the most recent one being in 2010. Since their establishment in 1960, the Chiefs have been in the playoffs about 18 times. The most recent appearance being in 2015. The Chiefs have been in the playoffs twice in the last five years.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs strength is their active offense. Their players, joint with tight end Kelce Travis, cannot be taken for granted. Furthermore, in the previous season, the Chiefs scored 405 points for and permitted only 287 points against. This yields 118 net points score. Additionally, the Chiefs won 11 matches and lost 5 match games. Yielding a 688-win percentage.

The team’s weakness is their unpredictable performances. In the 2015- 2016 season, the team finished second in the American Football Conference West Division. They finished fourth in the AFC Conference, and sixth in the NFL. These positions are not bad, and they also show that the team has a solid crew. Thus far, the last time the club made it to the playoffs was in 2013.

Kansas City Chiefs Odds

When was the last time the Kansas City Chiefs played in the Super Bowl?

The Kansas City Chiefs were previously a victorious franchise in AFL. Between 1960 and 1969, the team accumulated an 87–48–5 record. Though, their win on January 11, 1970, remains the franchise’s only Super Bowl title to date.

How many Super Bowls have the Kansas City Chiefs been to?

The Chiefs won three AFL finals, in 1962 and 1966, and also in 1969.They also became the next AFL team to overthrow an NFL team in an AFL–NFL World Championship Game, when they beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

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