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The National Football League’s (NFL) American Football Conference (AFC) East division is home to four well-loved teams. This includes the New England Patriots, the New York Jets, the Buffalo Bill and the Miami Dolphins. Together, these four teams have won the Super Bowl a total of eight times. In recent years, the winner of the AFC East division has often proceeded to appear in the Super Bowl (especially, as the Tom Brady’s Patriots have been in amazing form.)

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Betting on AFC East Games

Many American players often ask ‘who is most likely to win the NFL AFC East?’ Well, we recommend players to bank on the Pats first. US gamblers may place wagers on them having a good regular season though it may start off bad. Some expert gamblers have once written them off because of a few bad starts, only for the team to claim history at the end.

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The Jets are one of the most famous teams in the AFC East despite their aging team. The team’s success has been dramatically reliant on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s skill to play to his opponent’s strength, and his ability to continue to do so will merely indicate if they fizzle away or win.

The next one is the Buffalo Bills. Most bettors probably know about the game’s struggles. The team has the most extensive active playoff drought in all of professional sports. The team won four AFC Conference Championships back in the 90s. Unfortunately, they haven’t managed to make it through the playoff since 1999. They are unfortunately the only team that hasn’t taken part in the 21st century’s NFL playoffs so far.

In the interim, the Miami Dolphins have also been missing in action lately when it comes to the playoffs. They have also not been part of the postseason since 2009 and since 1973; they haven’t claimed a Super Bowl title. On the other side of the coin, some USA sports bettors have been referring to the team’s 2016 draft class as being their best.

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