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The American Football Conference (AFC) South Division is home to the Tennessee Titans. The team performs well enough to be part of the big leagues. However, they tend to struggle at staying in a good position, seeing as how they finished last in their division last season. Currently they stand at the third on the AFC South division table. If you are a fan of the NFL and betting on American Football then the Tennessee Titan odds would be of great interest to you. We have detailed a bit of the Titans history, coaches and gameplay to give you insights on how the Titans are likely to perform going forward.

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Tennessee Titans Schedule 2019

The Tennessee Titans played 20 games in the 2018 season and only won six of the games. Evidently the season was a struggle for the American Football Conference south division team. However, what is evident is that the Titans know how to recover from a slump. After a losing streak in the pre-season games, they managed to win three consecutive games in the first part of the season. They also won all games played in December ending their year on a high note.

The 2019 Tennessee schedule is out now but dates are still to be announced. All the opponents have been scheduled though. That means US punters can start anticipating to place futures wagers. Their first game of the season will be against the Atlanta Falcons.

Tennessee Titans History

The titans were founded in 1960 and originally played in the Eastern division of the American Football Conference. Originally they were the Houston Oilers which subsequently changed to Tennessee Oilers in 1997 then to Tennessee Titans. The team’s base stadium is the Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

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Betting on Tennessee Titans

Even though the Titans hardly stay at the top, what they do have are strong players. Therefore, when betting on Titan’s games look at bets focused on the individual players as a safer bet. Look at the teams’ game records the number of games they win compared to their losses is low. Therefore, when betting a straight moneyline bet it would be wise to keep such stats in mind. Due to the fact that the Tennessee Titans are at the bottom of the ladder the only movement they can have is up. Betting on them to move up or perform better would be a likely payout.