AFC West Betting for US Players

This division can be considered one of the most interesting in the American Football Conference (AFC). They can be the weakest division but the most difficult division. All the teams in the AFC West have the best winning record and have been able to send about 14 teams to the main event, the Super Bowl. Read our guide to find out about the AFC West odds and how you can bet on the games in this division.

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AFC West Betting Odds

There have been many changes in this division with most of the teams. The Los Angeles Chargers is the only team that has remained stable with no changed. For that reason, oddsmakers have decided to make them the favourites. However, the team’s last division win was back in 2009. The previous year they finished at what is considered the second place in the division.

If you feel that the other teams are worth giving a chance or you believe in them that much you can bet on them. However, the favourites may have better odds at different sports betting sites because they have remained stable.

Betting on the NFL AFC West Games

As we have mentioned there has been a lot of changes in this division, and that has affected the odds that the sportsbooks have for the various teams and the division as a whole. Value bets will come in handy for this division because you can place your bets that informed by the past result. However, it can be tricky because you will have to find a value bet for the team or an individual player.

There are other kinds of bets that you can make for this division which include the point spread, money line and the total bets.

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Tips for Betting on AFC West

Use a strategy for future bets

Future bets are for an outcome of a future event. Meaning you can place wagers on who is going to win the conference or the division. This is a much easier way of betting but since there have been changes in the AFC West division pinpointing who the outright winner may prove to be a challenge. Also, oddsmakers may not have high odds for teams that have made changes to their teams.

Check how the team finished in the season

Finding out the team you want to bet for ended the season can give you an indication of the team’s performance. This will also give you an indication of how the team will perform in the next season.

Keep track of the changes that happen offseason

A lot of things can happen, and as we can see the AFC West division has a lot of things going on. If you keep track of all the changes that the teams make on the offseason, it will also give you an idea of what will happen in the next season. So, always be sure to check all the changes happening in the AFC West division.