Futures Bets on NFL Super Bowl

Futures bets are just that, bets on matches yet to be played. Futures bets are almost exclusively on the biggest events in NFL which are the Superbowl, AFC and NFC. This betting market adds the thrill and exciting of diving into what seems to be the unknown. It’s a high risk bet with an even higher reward. Different sportsbooks will have a range of varying odds for the favorites and underdogs. Therefore it is extremely important to find the best possible betting line. We have put together a list of the best USA bookies with the best betting lines for American bettors

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How to Wager Futures Bets

Bettors place a wager on a team that they predict will win a match that takes place in the future. A future bet is a huge gamble because bets are placed right at the beginning of the season and sportsbooks adjust the odds throughout the season. US gamblers who wish to bet a future match will receive fixed odds when they place their bet. Whatever amount is wagered is tied up until there is a result. Future odds are generally updated weekly and wagers can be bet all through the season up to a certain period.


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Calculating your Wins on a Future’s Bet

Figuring how much you will win on a successful futures bet is easy especially with fractional odds. If your preferred bookie uses decimal odds you are given the option to get your odds in a format that is easy to understand for you. For example, if the odds of the Green Bay Packers set odds for winning a match are 5/1 to win the Superbowl and you have wagered $100. Divide the fractional odds and multiply by your stake. Then multiply the odds and by the amount wagered. E.g.

(5 ÷ 1 x 100) = 500

Your resulting profit is $500 but you would collect $600, because you get your original $100 wager amount back.

Pro Tip

Future bets take about 6 months to yield any results and are a bit difficult to predict, so be prudent about how much and how you bet.