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NFC East Odds

best-nfc-east-odds-usaNational Football Conference East betting (also known as NFC East betting) has been rather interesting since its formation. The division is made up with some of the most notable names within the sport: the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. Each of these teams have previously won a Super Bowl title and have historically done pretty well in the playoffs, which has seen US online gambling sites payout bettors quite well.

Now, although these NFL teams are known for paying massive salaries and signing the biggest names to ever pick up a football, this doesn’t always translate into Super Bowl wins. Below we have a look the NFC East as a whole from a bettors’ perspective. We look at each team’s odds to win their division, some interesting stats to keep in mind when betting and the overall history of the division. So, read on and find out more about betting on the NFL’s NFC East and place better bets today!

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Odds to Win NFC East

The National Football Conference East is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL. Below we have a look at the teams in the division and their odds of winning both the division and the Super Bowl this season:

  • Philadelphia Eagles – although the team had a disappointing 2018 showing following their Super Bowl winning season, many still regard the Eagles as the strongest team in the NFC East. The team suffered a load of injuries last year, including that of starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Fans are hoping that returning players Doug Pederson’s changes to the roster will get the team their second Super Bowl wins.
  • Dallas Cowboys – the Cowboys are looking to win their first Super Bowl since 1995. There have been many seasons in which the Cowboys looked as if they could go all the way, only to fall short. The team took the NFC East last season, but it remains to be seen whether or not they’ll be competitive this year.
  • New York Giants – the New York Giants last won the Super Bowl in 2012, but since then, they have been poor. The team ended the 2018 season with a record of 5-11. Despite several management changes, the Giants don’t seem as if they’re going to be winning any Super Bowls any time soon. This could change in future if Daniel Jones rises to the role of starting quarterback.
  • Washington Redskins – the Redskins last won a Super Bowl in 1991 and have not made it to the playoffs regularly since. Despite the team having an even showing in 2018, it is unlikely that they will make it to the Super Bowl any time soon if their current form persists. Thus, many sports betting sites have given the team terrible odds of winning football’s biggest trophy.

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History of the Division

The NFC East was formed in 1970 during the NFL-AFL merger and the teams that make up the division have remained largely intact since then except for one major change, which saw the Arizona Cardinals move out to the West division during the 2002 re-alignment.

Although divisions are generally built around geographical location, the NFC East division has always been a little bit uneven. The Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants are all teams based in the north-east coast of the country. However, the Dallas Cowboys (and formerly the Arizona Cardinals too) are based in the south-western area of the country.

Overall, the NFC East is the most successful division in the league. Together, the teams in the division have won a total of 13 Super Bowls and 21 Conference titles (and this is without the Cardinals included.) The most recent win came in 2018, where the Philadelphia Eagles were lucky enough to win the title.

Although the teams in the division have tasted success frequently, we’d caution bettors who choose to bet on these sides blindly. Currently, the NFC East is not as competitive a division as its history holds, with the exception of the Philadelphia Eagles who may have a good run in store for the Super Bowl this year, but even this remains to be seen.

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Interesting NFC East Facts and Stats

Before you bet on one of the teams in the NFC East, you may want to have a look at the following division stats and facts:

  • The NFC East is the most successful in the NFL since the 1970 merger. Teams in the division have won the Super Bowl a total of 13 times, and have won the NFC Conference Championship a total of 21 times.
  • The last NFC East Super Bowl victory came in 2018, when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Vince Lombardi trophy for the first time ever.
  • The division enjoyed a ten-year period of domination during the late 1980s and early 1990s in which the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Washington Redskins won seven out of ten Super Bowl titles. Over the last ten years though, teams from the division have won the Super Bowl twice.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have won the most NFC East division titles. Their last win came in 2018. They are followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. Interestingly enough though, the Giants have converted close to 50% of their division wins into Super Bowl wins.
  • The New York Giants are the only team to ever win the Super Bowl as a wild card entry. (The infamous Helmet Catch was a highlight of this game.)
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