New Orleans Saints Odds USA

The New Orleans Saints is one of the best football teams in the USA. As the name may already suggest, they are based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints currently compete in the NFL as a member of the league’s NFC South Division. The Saints have a great reputation in the National Football League. The team won the Super Bowl In 2009, and also bounced back in 2011 to claim the National Football Cup Championship. Following recent developments, it looks like the team can once again become the Super Bowl champs! An exciting dream for the players, their supporters as well as the online bettors.

New Orleans Saints

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The football team has two mascots: Gumbo and Sir Saint. Although these names might not sound great, the team’s championship record is relatively serious indeed. In 2009, they won one Super Bowl. Moreover, they won one Conference Championship also in 2009. In addition, they have also won five division finals, with the most recent one being in 2011. In their franchise history, the Saints have been in the playoffs about 10 times. With the current one dating back to 2013. In the past five years, the team has been in the playoffs twice.

One of the team’s strengths is their astonishing offense. Their attacking players like Drew Brees, their quarterback, have shown that they are not just a team to be taken lightly. In their recent 2015-2016 season, the team scored about 408 points and finished 8th overall in the league.

New Orleans Saints Odds USA

The team’s greatest weakness is its defense. This is because they had allowed 476 points to be scored against them. This was the utmost points scored against out of any football team in the NFL. When comparing this to their scored points, the Saints had a bad 68 net points scoring.

New Orleans Saints – Overview

When you are wagering on the New Orleans Saints, it is important to look at their game performance in their previous season. The team finished third in their National Football Cup South Division. Additionally, they came eleventh in the National Football Cup Conference.

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