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NFC North Odds

best-nfc-north-betting-odds-usaMany National Football League (NFL) gamblers would argue that NFC North betting is among the most popular in the entire sporting league. This is because the teams that encompass the division hold some of the most famous rivalries in the history of sports as a whole. The Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are all fierce competitors with strong core fanbases. Each team is located in a state based in the American Mid-West making it easy for fans to travel to games. Placing a wager on a game involving one of these teams makes an already electrifying game just that much more exciting.

If you would like to bet on the NFC North at top online gambling websites, make sure to keep on reading down below as we have crafted a guide on the division like no other. Below we detail each team’s odds to win the division and Super Bowl this year as well as go into the history of the division as a whole. So, read on and start making better NFL bets.

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What You’ll Find In Our NFC North Guide

Odds to Win NFC North

All of the teams in the NFL‘s NFC North have a massive fanbase. However, that said, a good fanbase does not always translate in a successful team. Below we have a look at each team’s NFC North odds for this coming season, as well as whether they are likely to make it to the Super Bowl this year:

  • Chicago Bears – the Chicago Bears are coming off a strong 2018 season in which they managed to win the NFC North for the first time since the 2010 season. Bookies are predicting that the team is due to repeat their solid performance and even set them as strong contenders for the Super Bowl this year.
  • Green Bay Packers – the Packers didn’t really have the best season last year. After a decade of strong competition, the team finally started to show some cracks which is really unfortunate, but a harsh reality of the game. The thing about the Packers though, is that you can’t really count them out, which is why bookies have given them rather moderate odds of winning their division and the Super Bowl this year.
  • Minnesota Vikings – the Vikings followed their stellar 2017 season with a rather disappointing 2018 season that saw them get an even score. Fans are hoping that Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins will soon be able to bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Minnesota but that doesn’t seem likely in the near future if the inconsistent form continues.
  • Detroit Lions – the Detroit Lions haven’t been all that competitive in the NFC North for some time now. Their last division title came during the 1993 season before the division was even named the NFC North. With the Bears and Packers both being relatively strong, there does not seem to be any hope for the Lions.

NFC North Team Guides

History of the NFC North

The National Football Conference North  division was originally called the NFC Central after the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. When formed, the division consisted of all current members, but they were later joined by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1977. With most of the teams being located geographically near each other, and many having played against each other in the same division since 1933, huge rivalries between the teams emerged over the years.

The 1970s saw the division largely dominated by the Minnesota Vikings who failed to translate this form into a Super Bowl win (a feat they haven’t managed to this day.) Although there was brief period in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers were able to register some division wins, this was followed by a period of domination by the Chicago Bears. It all eventually culminated in their Super Bowl in 1985.

The 1990s saw the division become somewhat less predictable with each team registering some division wins and the Green Bay Packers picking up a Super Bowl win during the 1996 season.

During the 2002 NFL realignment, the division was renamed the NFC North and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were moved to the NFC South. Since then, more often than not, the Green Bay Packers have dominated the division, even picking up another Super Bowl win in 2010.

Although the division is considered one of the most competitive in the league, together all of the teams within the league have only amassed a combined total of five Super Bowl wins. Many bettors think that a good period for the Chicago Bears is on the horizon, even though it’s the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers who have made it to NFC Conference Championship games in recent years, but this remains to be seen.


Interesting NFC North Facts and Stats

Before placing a bet on any of the teams in the NFC North, make sure to have a good look at the facts and stats listed here:

  • The Minnesota Vikings have won the most NFC North division titles with a total of 20. Their last win came in 2017, in which they made it all the way to the NFC Conference Championship game but fell to eventual Super Bowl winners, the Philadelphia Eagles. That said, the Green Bay Packers have basically swept the division for much of the last 10 seasons.
  • The division has a combined total of five Super Bowl titles. The Chicago Bears have one win (1985) whereas the Green Bay Packers have four titles; the most recent being in 2010 with a team that featured current quarterback Aaron Rodgers. These totals exclude the victories which occurred before the NFL-AFL merger in 1970. If those victories are included, total would need to be adjusted as follows: Green Bay Packers (13), Chicago Bears (9), Detroit Lions (4) and Minnesota Vikings (1).
  • The Chicago Bears have registered more wins in the NFL than any other team in the league, despite having a negative playoff ratio.
  • The last time an NFC North team won a Super Bowl title was during the 2010 season, where the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers to take the title.
  • The division is nicknamed the “Black and Blue Division” because of the division’s dedication to a physical style of play, in addition to the strong rivalries between teams. Thus, bettors can expect divisional matchups to be hotly contested.
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