Betting on the Green Bay Packers for US Players

As the only team from Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers have quite an NFL legacy. They are one of the most interesting teams to wager on for the NFL. If you are also one of the US punters that are interested in starting to bet on the Green Bay Packers, our guide will serve as an informational tool to help you get started.

Our guide includes the bets and odds that you will find at the top sports betting sites that accept the US. You won’t have to look far to find the sites because we have listed them below for your convenience. However, before you place your first bet read on to find out how you can bet on the Green Bay Packers.

Best Green Bay Packers betting odds

About the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers has been in the NFL since 1921 and have since won a few titles. From 1929 until 1944, they won 6 championships on the NFL. They also won the title in consecutive years 1929 to 1931. What’s more, they went on to win three successive years from 1965 to 1967 when under coach Vince Lombardi. They have also won the Super Bowl title 4 times their last win being in 2011.

Other notable wins include winning the Conference championships nine times and also winning the division championship 17 times.

How to Bet on the Green Bay Packers Online

Betting on Green Bay Packers is simple because you will choose from the known sports bet variations. However, you will place them in a way that best suits you and your bankroll. Since the team is one of the most popular NFL teams, it can be worthwhile to bet on the team. The betting marker for the team is plenty, and most punters prefer to place wagers on the star power in the team.

For betting on the star power of Aaron Rodgers, who is the team’s quarterback, the props bets will be best. That is because you can make bets such as the total interceptions thrown by him. However, there are other bets that you can also take advantage of such as the spread and future bets.

If you do choose any of the bets mentioned above before you place them to be sure to shop for high-value odds. In that way, you will get high payouts for your bets.

As for the 2019 Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers have odds of +1400 to win the title. You can bet future bets. However, keep in mind that for the past five years, the team has been to the playoffs but failed to take the Super Bowl title.

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Bet at the Top Sportsbooks Sites

The excitement of betting on this team makes the NFL season that much more fun. What’s more, finding a website where you can easily place your bet should not be a strenuous task. Luckily for you, since you are reading this guide, you will see that we have listed some of the best sports betting sites for US punters. Which means that you don’t have to scour the internet to find the best sports betting sites because they are right here. If you sign up with any of them, you will receive some of the best bonuses to maximise your bankroll. So, sign up today!