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NFC South Odds

best-nfc-south-betting-odds-usaAlthough the NFC South is relatively new, this does not mean that it lacks interesting NFL betting opportunities. The division is made up of four very competitive teams in the form of the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Each team has made it to an NFC Conference Championship and Super Bowl game since the formation of the division in 2002, making it the teams very attractive in the eyes of US bettors. It is just important to keep a keen watch on which teams are actually making a run at the Super Bowl this season.

If you would like to learn more about betting on the teams in the NFC South, we encourage you to stick around. Not only do we provide a load of great NFL online gambling real money sites down below, but we also take a good look at the teams in the division, and some interesting facts about them, among other things. So, read on and get educated on your NFC South wagers.

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What You’ll Find In Our NFC South Guide

Odds to Win NFC South

While all of the teams in the NFL‘s NFC South have seen some relative success in the past, there hasn’t really been a period where every sing team has been competitive at the same time. Below we have a good look at the teams in the NFC South and their odds of winning the division this year:

  • New Orleans Saints – the Saints are coming off an NFC Conference Championship appearance last season. There have been some questions over whether quarterback Drew Brees will be able to keep his strong form as he enters his 40s, but all signs point to yes. He may still lead the Saints to another Super Bowl title before he is finished.
  • Atlanta Falcons – the Falcons are still looking for that first Super Bowl having made it to the finals twice and walking away empty handed. The team put a pretty solid performance in during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, but faltered last year. Fans are hoping that the team will display better form this year, but this remains to be seen.
  • Carolina Panthers – the Carolina Panthers really hoped that Cam Newton would be able to lead the team to their first Super Bowl victory when they drafted in 2011. Thus far, he has taken them to the Super Bowl but has not led them to a victory. Perhaps, this is the year that this changes. Fans are hopeful, but sportsbooks aren’t.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – the Bucs really haven’t had the best time since their Super Bowl win during the 2002 season. The team has struggled to post winning seasons numbers, let alone make it to the playoffs. While the team probably won’t come last, it’s hard to say that they’ll win a Super Bowl title.

NFC South Team Guides

NFC South History

The National Football Conference South was created in 2002, during the NFL realignment. It is one of the newest divisions in the league. The division famously helped fix some of the biggest geographical inaccurate in the league, grouping the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers together.

When the division was created, the team’s that formed it were considered some of the unluckiest in the league, with only the Atlanta Falcons having registered a previous Super Bowl appearance. This all changed as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proceeded to win the Super Bowl in the season of the division’s formation. Following that the Carolina Panthers would go on to make it to the Super Bowl the very next season.

Most years since then have proven to be relatively successful for teams in the division, with the New Orleans Saints also picking up a Super Bowl victory. If the division history has anything to say, it is that there is a good chance of an NFC South team making it to the NFC Championship, but their success at this stage is varied.


Interesting NFC South Facts

Before you place a bet on any of the teams in the NFC South, have a look at some of the facts land stats listed down below:

  • Every team in the NFC South has made it to the Super Bowl since the 2002 realignment. However, the only two teams that have walked away with a victory are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002) and the New Orleans Saints (2010). That said, the NFC South did see back-to-back appearances in the Super Bowl in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, with the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons making it to the final.
  • The NFC South is the only division in the NFL that has never had a division sweep. Somehow, each team has always managed to get one over on their division rivals.
  • The Carolina Panthers have the best playoff record in the NFC South, which currently stands at 9-8. The three other teams all have losing playoff records.
  • Since 2002, teams from the NFC South have made it to the NFC Conference Championship game a total of nine times.
  • The Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints are tied for most division title wins, each with a total of five.
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