Minnesota Vikings Overview

The Minnesota Vikings is the only NFL team based in the Minnesota. The team competes in the National Football Conference (NFC) North division alongside the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. Since launching in 1960, the team has seen a little bit of success within the National Football League in both its current format as well as its predecessor. The team won an NFL Championship in 1969 (before the AFL-NFL in 1970). Since then, the team has won 20minnesota vikings betting division championships and three conference championships. They have yet to win a Super Bowl but perhaps this may change soon.

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Minnesota Vikings Performance History

Despite having a strong and loyal fanbase, the Minnesota Vikings have never been an extremely successful team with the side never having won a Super Bowl. (It must be noted that the Vikings did win an NFL Championship title in 1969 but this was before the league was changed to its current format.) However, the team’s performance in recent years has suggested that there is a chance that this may change soon.

The Vikings have won the NFC North division twice in recent years (2015 and 2017). They also made it all the way to the NFC Championship game in 2018 before being defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles (who would later go on to win the Super Bowl). This is all evidence of a relatively strong side that is looking to breakthrough and be successful and finally win their first real Super Bowl title.

It seems since hiring Mike Zimmer in 2014, the team is all set to push through and do something big. Some may believe that the only thing that may be holding the Vikings back is their poor teamwork at vital moments in important games. Perhaps, if they are able to work on this on upcoming seasons, they will be able to win their first Super Bowl trophy.

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