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NFL Prop Bets Explained

best-nfl-prop-bets-usaNFL prop bets have really grown in popularity along with the rise in online sportsbooks in the United States. This form of betting isn’t really focused on the outcome of the game, but rather specific happenings taking place in the game. There are loads of different NFL props; some are centered around individual players whereas others are based on team statistics. An example of such a wager could include betting on which team scores first. The options force US bettors to look at the game in an entirely different way that just adds excitement to the viewing experience.

If you would like to learn more about placing prop bets on NFL games, make sure to read on down below. In our all-inclusive guide, we have a look at a load of important topics, such as the definition of a prop bets, the different types available and the strategies to use when placing these bets, among other things. So, read on and learn more about placing NFL proposition bets online at the best online gambling sites.

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Looking for the best list of NFL prop bets in the United States? Well, we recommend signing up at any one of the top sportsbooks listed below. Each has got a wide range of interesting lines that are sure to interest the players that are hardest to please.

What You’ll Find In Our NFL Prop Betting Guide

What are NFL Proposition Bets?

It is important to note that there are many different types of NFL props. The one thing all these bets have in common though is that they are not influenced by the outcome of the match. In general, prop bets can be broken down into two categories:

  • Modern – these are more traditional bets that bettors may have already seen if they have previously visited an NFL sportsbook. Essentially, they involve betting on something such as which team will score first or how many touchdowns will be scored in a match.
  • Exotic – these are generally crazy bets that only tend to be available on big games or other special occasions. An example of such a bet could be placing a wager on how long the national anthem will be.

As is visible by the definition, these bets don’t require bettors do predict the final result of the match. A US gambler can bet on the San Francisco 49ers to score first, and still win the bet even if the 49ers lose the game provided that they scored first.

It is important to note that sportsbooks love prop bets as they usually tend to make most of their money there. Bettors often tend to be heavily influenced by public betting trends so many simply place bets in the hope of a big payout.

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Best Prop Bets NFL

So, as previously mentioned, there are loads of different prop bets available to US bettors at top sportsbooks. Some of the most popular include the following:

  • NFL Player Props – these are bets that involve placing wagers on a particular player to accomplish a certain feat. This could be anything from futures on quarterback over/unders or running back total yards to bets on individual games. NFL player prop bets generally tend to be more popular towards the end of the season in playoff games. It is during this period that sportsbooks will often offer props for individual games, especially the Super Bowl.
  • NFL Draft Prop Bets – these are bets made available on the draft. NFL draft prop bets online aren’t as popular as the others available on the league. The reason for this is that they often require a lot of dedication and research from bettors. We’d recommend staying away from them unless you are deeply invested in the college football scene.
  • Super Bowl Props – NFL Super Bowl prop bets are probably the most popular of all. Each and every year, millions of dollars is spent wagering on the Super Bowl, and a lot of this goes to all Super Bowl prop bets available at US sportsbooks. It is during the playoffs that all the weird and wonderful exotics are made available too.

In addition to above listed options, there are also NFL season prop bets, which are a combination of props and futures. These bets include wagers involving the season MVP, quarterback with most touchdowns, etc. Then, there are the other playoff-related wagering opportunities, which are very similar to those available on the Super Bowl albeit a little bit more limited, such as NFL Conference Championship Prop Bets.


Top NFL Game Prop Bets Tips and Tricks

There are some tips and tricks all NFL prop bettors should keep in mind when placing their wagers. These tips are sure to help bettors increase their winnings. Some such tips include the following:

  • Stick to what you know – it is important to only ever make bets on stats you are knowledgeable about. At the very least, make sure you can be research stats to place the bet. For example, if you would like to bet on which team will score first in an upcoming Cleveland Browns game, it is important to research the stats of both the Browns and the team they are playing against. Perhaps, the Browns are having a terrible season in terms of defense, then you may want to bet on their opponent to score first.
  • Search for value – as a general rule, US sportsbooks don’t seem to spend as much time placing organizing prop betting lines. So, it is very easy to find a good value bet in this area. Some could lead to substantial winnings with even a small bet amount. Overall, if you are an avid prop bettor, we really recommend that you take a look at the options available. Look for whether there is an opportunity to make a good sharp bet.
  • Focus on stats – make sure to research stats, especially before placing any player associated prop bets that may involve predicting things like total rushing years, or touchdowns thrown for the season. While betting on a player’s previous season performance may not always be indicative of how they are going to perform next season, we wouldn’t recommend not having a look at these stats too.
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