Betting on NFL Season Win Totals USA

NFL season win totals wagers, as the name may suggest, are simple bets which require bettors to bet on the number of wins a team may have at the end of a season.  The odds are determined by sportsbook odd makers. While most bettors in the US may focus on game totals, spreads or so, season win totals can leave you with a much bigger win, improving your bankroll at the end of the season. However, punters need to be strategic on how they approach such wagers.  Read on for more on how to bet NFL season win totals.

NFL win totals USA

How NFL Season Win Totals Work

Essentially, online sports betting sites will have a line for how many games a team may win. The bettors are required to wager on the over/under line of a given team’s season win number. For example on the 2018 NFL wins, one sportsbook had the following odds for Baltimore Ravens:

  • Wins: 8
  • Over: -130
  • Under: +100

So, to break this down would be that the Ravens had a season totals line of 8 with and over at -130 and an under at +100. This means if a bettor believed that the Ravens would win more than 8 games in 2018, they have to bet $130 to win $100. Meanwhile, if they don’t believe the Ravens would win 8 games, they bet $100 to win $100.

The bet is only valid during a current season and does not include post-seasons.

How to Bet NFL Season Win Totals: Tips & Tricks

There are different factors bettors need to consider before placing your NFL win totals wager. The most important factors worth handicapping include the following:

  • Check past results – Historical trends are key. So, before you place your over/under bet on a team you need to check and consider how the team has performed previously. However, you need to be smart about this too. Trends do come to an end. Just because a team or player had been doing bad in the past season does not mean they will stay that way forever.
  • Check close season changes – A good indicator of where a team is at right now. So, checking how the team performed last season is a good place to start. Also check if any players were injured or suspended and also check the strength of the opposition.
  • Keep an eye on the schedule – NFL schedules are not always equal. Sometimes a team might not play some games or go half season due to unforeseen circumstances. So, you need to keep checking a squad schedule before placing your wager.
  • Overall team quality and depth – The aim is to analyse season win totals and that’s all about assessing the relative strength of a team and comparing it to their projected total. You want to bet the over given that a team is stronger than their projected win total. If a team is weaker, you bet the under.

Other factors left to consider are; coaching, the strength of the division and what people think.

More so, keep in mind that there are only 128 possible wins available in a given season. Be careful of sportsbooks which take advantage of your optimism in NFL.

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NFL Season Win Totals for 2018

Team Total Over Under
New England Patriots 11.5 -116 -114
Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 -114 -116
Philadelphia Eagles 10 -125 -105
Minnesota Vikings 10 -125 -105
Green Bay Packers 10 +100 -135
New Orleans Saints 9.5 -135 +105
Oakland Raiders 9.5 -130 +100
Atlanta Falcons 9.5 -118 -112
Los Angeles Rams 9 -135 +105
Los Angeles Chargers 9 -130 +100
Houston Texans 9 -115 -115
Seattle Seahawks 9 -105 -125
San Francisco 49ers 8.5 -110 -120
Baltimore Ravens 8.5 +100 -130
Tennessee Titans 8.5 +110 -140
Carolina Panthers 8 -140 +110
Dallas Cowboys 8 -135 +105
Jacksonville Jaguars 8 -125 -105
Kansas City Chiefs 8 -105 -125
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.5 -130 +100
Indianapolis Colts 7.5 -115 -115
Denver Broncos 7.5 +110 -140
Miami Dolphins 7 -130 +100
New York Giants 7 +100 -130
Washington Redskins 6.5 -140 +110
Detroit Lions 6.5 -140 +110
New York Jets 6.5 -116 -114
Buffalo Bills 6 +100 -130
Chicago Bears 5.5 -140 +110
Arizona Cardinals 5.5 -110 -120
Cincinnati Bengals 5 +110 -140
Cleveland Browns 5 +110 -140