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NFL Season Win Totals Explained

top-season-win-totals-betting-usaNFL Season Win Totals are popular season long bets that see bettors in the United States attempt to predict the number of wins a team may have at the end of a season. Sportsbooks look at a whole load of different factors when determining odds, including recent team performance, the strength of the squad (how many new players did they pick up in the draft) as well as a team’s upcoming schedule. Essentially, this betting option requires a lot more research, but can prove to be rather profitable for US bettors who are willing to go the distance, which why it has become such a popular feature at online gambling sites.

If you would like to learn more about NFL season win totals, make sure to read on down below. We have attempted to create an easy-to-understand betting guide that explains how these bets work and provides tips for new and experienced bettors alike. So, read on and find out about this extremely popular form of betting.

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What You’ll Find In Our Season Totals Betting Guide

How NFL Season Win Totals Predictions Work

Reading and understanding season win totals is pretty easy. Basically, sports betting sites will set a line for how many games they think a team will win throughout the season. Bettors are then required to wager whether the team will do better or worse than the sportsbook’s prediction. For example, a line for the Baltimore Ravens for the upcoming 2019 season reads as follows:

  • Wins: 8.5
  • Over: +110.00
  • Under: -166

So, to break this example down, sportsbooks have set the line at 8.5. Lines will always include .5 so that there is never a situation in which there is a tie. From this line, we can also see that sportsbooks believe that the Ravens are unlikely to get more than eight wins as the under pays out less than the over. Essentially, bettors will need to wager US$166 to win US$100 if they are betting on under. However, they will win US$110 for every US$100 they bet if they take the over.

It is important to note that this bet is only involves the win/loss totals achieved during the regular season and does not include post-season scores. Bettors should also bear in mind that the earlier these bets are placed, the more they stand to win.


How to Bet Season Win Totals – Tips & Tricks

There is a load of different factors bettors need to consider before placing their NFL win totals wager. Some worth noting include the following:

  • Check past results – Historical trends are key. So, before you place your over/under bet on a team you need to check and consider how the team has performed previously. However, you need to be smart about this too. Trends do come to an end. Just because a team or player performed badly last season does not mean their performance will never pick up.
  • Check pre-season changes and results – this is good indicator of where a team is at right now. Check how the team performed during the pre-season and how well they fared in the draft. Also, check if any players were injured or suspended as well as the strength of their opponents in the upcoming season.
  • Check a team’s schedule – NFL schedules are not always equal. Sometimes, some teams have it a lot worse than others. For example, the NFC teams fated to play the AFC West may have a tougher time than those stuck with the AFC North. This may be compounded if they are already competing in a strong division. So, you need to keep checking a squad schedule before placing your wager.
  • Overall team quality and depth – assess the relative strength of a team and compare it to a projected total. You want to bet the over if you believe a team is stronger than their projected win total. If a team appears to be weaker, you need to bet under.

Overall, there are loads of other thing you could look at to help you make better bets including a team’s current coaching staff. Also, keep in mind that there are only 128 possible wins available in a given season. Sportsbooks will try to take advantage of bettor optimism, so do be careful of betting on too many overs at once.

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Why Bet on Season Win Totals?

There are a couple of reasons players should really look into placing season win totals. Some of the most appealing include the following:

  • They are so easy to understand. All you need to do is make a prediction regarding how many games a particular team is going to win this upcoming season.
  • It is possible to bet on multiple different teams at once. As previously stated, do keep in mind how many wins are possible in the NFL. For example, don’t say that they Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals are going to experience undefeated seasons when they play in the same division and will need to play each other twice.
  • Watching every game becomes so much more exciting as you now hope that certain results will go a particular way.
  • Contrary to what some bettors complain about, season win totals give bettors a chance to boost their bankroll at the end of the season. If you get any of your total prediction correct, you can expect a good payout at the end of December.
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