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super bowl betting onlineThe Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States. It stands to reason then that Super Bowl betting is very popular, with billions of dollars in sports bets made on the event each year. Every February, National Football League (NFL) fans anxiously sit at the edge of the seats waiting to find out who will be declared the best team in the league. The adrenaline rush is amplified when you’ve got a wager on the game. Not only do you get to watch an entertaining athletic activity, but you also get the chance to make some money while doing so.

As a result of the recent SCOTUS judgement on sports betting, many NFL fans across the country now have a chance to wager on the Super Bowl online. If you’re interested in getting more out of what is truly one of the biggest US cultural events, be sure to keep reading. Below we get into how to bet on the Super Bowl, where you can do it and tips to keep in mind while doing so. So, read on and learn all you need to know about Super Bowl betting online.

Best Online Super Bowl Betting Sites USA

The sportsbooks listed below give US gamblers a mountain of betting options for the Super Bowl. This includes Super Bowl betting spreads with phenomenal odds. So, check them out!

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What You’ll Find In Our Super Bowl Guide

  • Popular Super Bowl Betting Lines

    There are so many different betting lines available for the Super Bowl. Many sportsbooks like to go all out because for some gamblers, this is the only time they’ll place a sports bet throughout the year. Below are some of the most popular betting options:

    • Point Spreads – this bet sees a sportsbook name a favorite and an underdog for a particular match. A predicted scoreline is then set for the match. For bets on the favored team to be successful, they will need to beat their opponent by a certain scoreline.
    • Moneyline – these are the simplest bets you could ever make. All you need to do is pick a winner for a match.
    • Totals – often referred to as over/under bets. With these bets, US gamblers wager on whether the overall number of points scored by the two teams will be more or less than the total predicted by the sportsbook.
    • Futures – these are bets made on the Super Bowl long before it takes place. They provide higher odds but are also more difficult to win. Bettors can either wager on which team will win the championship or engage in Super Bowl MVP betting.

    Super Bowl Betting Props

    Super Bowl prop bets are incredibly popular, which is why we decided to dedicate a little more attention to explaining them. Essentially, prop bets allow gamblers to bet on individuals or specific events taking place in the match. There are two types of prop bets available at sportsbooks:

    • Modern – these are bets made on things that very likely can take place in the match. For example, which player will score the first touchdown.
    • Exotic – these bets aren’t really predictable in any way and often focus on some oddly specific detail of the match. For example, how long the national anthem will be.

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    Top Super Bowl Betting Tips

    Many avid US bettors try to scope out sports betting on Super Bowl tips before the big game takes place. While we can’t guarantee that these tips will get you wins, they will help you make more informed bets:

    • Pay Attention to Super Bowl Public Betting Trends – looking at these trends can help you understand how many potential bettors believe the match is going to go. Some betting experts suggest that with big games, you should stick with betting against the public, especially as many inexperienced bettors tend to think with their gut rather than their head. However, we always say don’t follow this advice blindly.
    • Don’t Get Beguiled By Exotic Props – while prop bets are fun to make, it is important not to get too carried away with them if you are serious about making money. Some prop bets gamblers can put some research into. For example, betting on who might score the first touchdown in the game. If Tom Brady has been connecting with Rob Gronkowski for the first touchdown of every playoff game leading to the Super Bowl, you can be sure he is going to try to favor him. However, you cannot really get the edge on predicting how the coin toss will land.
    • Pay Attention to a Team’s Road to the Final – as with any bet, you need to be informed of the circumstances surrounding the teams involved in the wager. If one team seems to have been somewhat lucky on the road to the final, then you might want to think twice before placing a bet on them to win.

    Super Bowl Betting Odds 2020

    Many bettors try to scope out an early betting line on the Super Bowl to try and make some extra cash. While it is very difficult to make cash off of future bets, these are the current odds placed on every team to win next year’s Super Bowl trophy. (Do keep in mind that these odds could change at any time. We always believe that the Patriots are a good bet though.)

    Team Odds
    New England Patriots +700
    Kansas City Chiefs +1000
    Los Angeles Rams +1000
    New Orleans Saints +1000
    Chicago Bears +1400
    Cleveland Browns +1400
    Indianapolis Colts +1400
    Los Angeles Chargers +1400
    Philadelphia Eagles +1400
    Green Bay Packers +2200
    Atlanta Falcons +2500
    Dallas Cowboys +2500
    Houston Texans +2500
    Minnesota Vikings +2500
    Pittsburgh Steelers +2500
    San Francisco 49ers +2500
    Baltimore Ravens +3300
    Jacksonville Jaguars +3300
    Seattle Seahawks +3300
    Raiders +4000
    Carolina Panthers +5000
    Denver Broncos +5000
    New York Giants +5000
    New York Jets +5000
    Tennessee Titans +5000
    Buffalo Bills +6600
    Detroit Lions +6600
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6600
    Arizona Cardinals +8000
    Cincinnati Bengals +10000
    Washington Redskins +10000
    Miami Dolphins +12500

    Online Betting Super Bowl FAQs

    How does betting on Super Bowl work?

    It’s simple; all you need to do is find a sportsbook that allows bettors to place wagers on the Super Bowl. Then, sign up, claim your welcome bonus and navigate to the page that deals with Super Bowl bets. Select your bet and wait to see if you win.

    What is the betting line on the Super Bowl?

    Betting lines on the Super Bowl are always changing, especially if they are made long before the big game takes place. The current betting line on the Super Bowl will change over time. This is why avid gamblers need to keep checking their preferred sportsbook to see when they can get the best odds.

    Who is the public betting on Super Bowl?

    Well, it is still a bit too early to tell at this point, but for Super Bowl LIV, it seems that last year’s finalists (the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams) have emerged as big favorites to win. There has also been a lot said about the squads the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears have been able to put together in recent months.

    How much money was lost betting on the Super Bowl?

    A total of US$145.9 million was bet on Super Bowl 54 at Nevada sportsbooks. It is estimated that these sportsbooks paid out a total of $158 586 935, meaning that there was a net profit for bettors of over $10 million.
    As for total amounts bet and won on the Super Bowl, it is very difficult to get concrete figures due to many US bettors preferring to use offshore online sportsbooks.

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