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Best NHL Betting Tips

top-online-hockey-betting-tips-usaThere are so many US gamblers new to the world of hockey betting searching for some general NHL betting tips. The sport is fast and filled with action, but this does not mean that results are totally unpredictable. With the sports league providing ample wagering opportunities, bettors who make use of a well-crafted hockey betting strategy really do stand a better chance of winning big cash prizes. There are loads of different stats you can look at to help you make better bets, including goals per game, points markets and goal markets, among others.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make sure you are making NHL best bets, then carry on reading. Below we go through the best ice hockey betting tips gamblers should keep in mind when betting on the NHL. We also have a look at betting systems that can be used to increase your odds of winning. So, read on and find out how you can start making better hockey sports bets today.

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Best NHL Betting Strategy

If you’re looking to craft the best ice hockey betting strategy, you need to make sure that you have considered the following strategic pointers:

  • Look for Value – everybody knows the way to make the most possible money is to search for the best odds. Many think that this simply means finding the sportsbook with the best odds on a line, but it isn’t just limited to this. Part of a successful hockey betting system is looking for situations in which a sportsbook has supposedly undervalued a team and taking advantage of the situation.
  • Pay Attention to Stats That Matter – one of the most popular how to bet on hockey tips is to pay attention to stats. However, there are two things to take in consideration with this. Firstly, make sure that you are getting accurate stats on the NHL. No sportsbook is going to pay you back for bets made on the basis of incorrect stats. Secondly, make sure that you are paying attention to stats that matter. For example, with over/unders, you would probably want to pay attention to the goals for and against figures for both teams.
  • Line Matchups – make sure that you pay attention to team rosters before a match-up between two teams. Many tipsters make ice hockey betting predictions by having a look at how teams offensive and defensive players line-up. For example, you may not want to look at betting on the Vegas Golden Knights when they have Malcolm Subban in as goaltender instead of the Stanley Cup Winner Marc-André Fleury. As second choice goalie, he is more likely to concede goals than Fleury is, especially if he is going up against a team that includes the likes of Alex Ovechkin or John Tavares.

Top NHL Hockey Betting Tips

In addition to crafting a strategy, there are a few general betting tips hockey US bettors should keep in mind when betting on the NHL. Some of the most important include the following:

  • Look at Corsi and Fenwick Stats When Planning Wagers – Corsi and Fenwick statistics use attempts on goal in an effort to determine puck possession, zone to determine offensive standing and goals saved to assess goal tenders. These are advanced statistics that give bettors a good understanding of what a team is truly capable of. While they won’t lead you to making spot on NHL bet predictions all the time, they will at the very least help you make more informed bets.
  • Focus on Goal Tenders – as mentioned above, a goaltender can make or break a game. You want to make sure that you choose to bet on teams only when they have their best goaltender in. While the goaltender isn’t the only player on the team that determines whether or not they will win or lose, bad goaltenders can cost teams with a good offense matches. For example, although the Chicago Blackhawks had no issues with scoring goals in the 2018-19 season, their issues with finding a solid goaltender made them an easy team to score against too.
  • Analyze Post-Match Stats – if you bet on a team, make sure to have a look at post-match stats to see whether your predictions and calculations were in any way accurate. This way you get to see whether you were perhaps focusing on the wrong areas and, in turn, refine your strategy so you can make better predictions next time.

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So, some of our experts here at are avid NHL bettors that constantly have a look at upcoming games and the best way to bet on hockey. If you are looking for any free hockey tips and predictions on NHL games, make sure to keep up with our blog and picks and predictions pages where we post updates every day in-season.

While we may not have picks for every match, we do cover a good number of them and provide fair insight into what bets you should make on which matchup and why you should be making them. We won’t guarantee that all our picks will be correct, but we will say that our experts do post positive win/loss ratios each and every season. We even posted a few correct future bet predictions, so there’s that.

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