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Betting on NHL Atlantic Teams

The National Hockey League’s (NHL) Atlantic division is one of the most popular to bet on. This is because it contains two of the top hockey teams in Canada. These teams, The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, go up against eastern NHL Atlantic teams every season. So, betting on this franchise at online gambling sites is pretty exciting.

At the moment, there are eight teams in the division. These include American teams from the eastern seaboard. We’ve listed the teams with their cities of origin below.

  1. Bruins – Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Sabres – Buffalo, New York
  3. Red Wings – Detroit, Michigan
  4. Panthers – Miami, Florida
  5. Senators – Ottawa, Ontario
  6. Lightning – Tampa Bay, Florida
  7. Canadiens – Montreal, Quebec
  8. Maple Leafs – Toronto, Ontario
Betting on NHL Atlantic Teams

Odds on NHL Atlantic

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What You’ll Find In Our NHL Atlantic Guide

Betting on Atlantic Games

When betting on eastern NHL Atlantic games, we recommend keeping up with the matches. After all, the best teams win 70% of games. Lesser teams usually win 30% of the time. However, it’s vital to keep track of goaltenders and defence. Offence strategies may win the game, but a great defence could cut into your winnings.

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Most NHL fans forget about great goalies and only bet on the winning team. Keep in mind that injuries and team line-ups will also influence a game. Some gamblers recommend the Zig Zag theory when betting on hockey. In effect, the strategy claims that a team that just lost will bounce back. Usually, this is only profitable when equal teams are playing.

On the other hand, weaker or stronger teams won’t work with the strategy for a long streak. Also, most home games won’t result in a win for the hosts. Only 50% of home games are won by NHL teams. So, to put it simply: start with goaltending, then work up to scoring when betting on eastern NHL Atlantic games.

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