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NHL Eastern Conference Hockey Betting

The NHL Eastern Conference is one of two conferences which make up the National Hockey League (NHL). The NHL East was formed in 1974 and at the beginning of the 80s, it was rearranged to have teams that geographically were located in the East. The Eastern Conference of the NHL is further split into two divisions the Atlantic Division and Metropolitan Division. In total NHL East has 16 teams equally divided into its two divisions. Find out more about betting on the NHL Eastern Conference at USA online gambling sites here.


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NHL East Conference History

In its early years, the NHL East Championship, known as the Prince of Wales Trophy, was won by the team with top season wins total. This changed in the 1981-82 seasons where the NHL East champion was decided via playoffs. The playoff system in the NHL takes the best four teams from each division in NHL’s Eastern Conference. Then top four teams from each side are pitted against each other in playoffs. The playoff victors progress to compete in the Division finals. The two winning teams of the division finals then face off for the Conference Championship Trophy. This is a popular bet at US online sports betting sites.

NHL East Betting Odds

In order to place smart bets on the NHL East Conference, one must be familiar with the history and statistics of the conference. Knowing how teams perform at playoffs and at the Division finals will guide you in terms of what types of bets to place.

In the last 20 NHL East Prince of Wales Trophy playoffs, from the 1997-98 season to the 2017-18 season, there hasn’t been a completely dominating team. The greatest number of wins have been by the Pittsburgh Penguins and New Jersey Devils. These two teams have won the NHL East’s Championship, four times each out of 20 playoffs. Four other teams have won the NHL East Championship twice each. These are the Washington Capitals; Carolina Hurricanes; Tampa Bay Lightning; and Boston Bruins. The other four playoffs have been split amongst the Buffalo Sabres; Ottawa Senators; Philadelphia Flyers; and New York Rangers.
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NHL East Conference Divisions

As we highlighted earlier the NHL East Conference has a total of 16 teams partitioned into two division. The Atlantic Division consists of teams located in that geographical location as with the Metropolitan Division.

Prince of Wales Trophy Statistics – NHL Eastern Conference


Team Seasons WonTrophies won in 20 Seasons
Boston Bruins2010–112
Buffalo Sabres1998–991
Carolina Hurricanes2001–022
New Jersey Devils1999–20004
New York Rangers2013–141
Ottawa Senators2006–071
Philadelphia Flyers2009–101
Pittsburgh Penguins2007–084
Tampa Bay Lightning2003–042
Washington Capitals1997–982


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