Columbus Blue Jackets Overview

As a part of the eastern metropolitan franchise, the Columbus Blue Jackets are not the most noteworthy team. Most hockey fans would agree that they are not worth a gamble. The Columbus Blue Jackets, unfortunately, have only ever been to two playoffs in the history of the NHL. It may seem crass of us, but they’re one of the weaker teams.

Since 2000, the team have struggled to get to the playoffs. They’ve also never won a division title or the Stanley Cup. While betting on the underdog can sometimes pay off, their reputation and current statistics make for a bad bet. So, if you prefer wagering on underdogs, maybe give the Columbus Blue Jackets a skip this year.

Columbus Blue Jackets Overview

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Columbus Blue Jackets Performance History

Considering the performance of the team over the past few years, you can’t blame us for being careful. However, the Columbus Blue Jackets could possibly get better this year. They have a few great players, and careful trades could pay off. Still, they don’t really have a big payroll or market to choose from.

On the other hand, any team up against them has a good chance of winning. After all, that’s the nature of professional sports. Someone has to lose, and someone has to win. Technically, we’re not supposed to say this, but predications are fairly easy when the Columbus Blue Jackets are playing. Most of the time, their defence isn’t great and their offence lacks conviction.

Of course, they could surprise the entire league at any time. Yet, the smaller team doesn’t really have the resources to retain good players who want to earn a lot. Some say that this is the curse of small teams, and it has been proven time and again. Even if you don’t make money on the Columbus team, you can safely bet on a loss.