Montreal Canadiens NHL Betting Odds

Montreal Canadiens is one of the premier teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), holding the record for lifting the Stanley Cup more than any other team in the league. The total currently stands at 23 times, with the last time they won the trophy being 1993. This little footnote has dented the NHL franchise’s prestige, with sportsbooks deeming their prospects of winning the trophy slim to none. The team still has enough to have sizable NHL playoff odds 2018. However, that’s as best as it can get. Find out why our expert tipsters rate Montreal Canadiens chances of winning so low.

Montreal Canadiens Schedule & Log Standing

Pro bettors and sportsbooks alike read the numbers in order to assess the odds NHL playoffs shortlist. When a team has had a terrible regular season, it’s common for bookmakers to render high odds of the team making the playoffs.  The NHL projected standings for the regular season are influenced by the form that a team has during pre- and post-season. Montreal Canadiens stats currently aren’t impressive. However, they aren’t the worst.

The Montreal Canadiens standings indicate that they may have enough to make it to the playoffs. The Stanley Cup odds of winning the competition are updated on a game by game basis.

Montreal Canadiens Betting Odds

Odds of Montreal Canadiens Winning the Stanley Cup Odds

Every Montreal Canadiens game has become a final, meaning that it’s a make or break match. They would want more that anything to remove the hoodoo of not winning the Stanley Cup for so many years after having won it so many times.

Will Montreal make the playoffs 2018? That remains to be seen. They have had winning streaks that have lasted more than five games so it can be done. In that amount of time, US punters took advantage of the high odds and got rich. It is prudent for bettors to look at the head to head battles between the teams before they place a bet. Most of the time, Montreal Canadiens has a psychological advantage on the teams it faces because of the history of dominating the tie.

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