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The New York Islanders are a National Hockey League team that plays in the Metropolitan division of the league. It is one of the three major NHL teams based in the New York metropolitan area. Founded in 1972, the team has managed to win four Stanley Cup titles in its history, with all wins coming during between 1980 and 1983. Although the team would remain competitive for the remainder of the decade, the Islanders did suffer a fall from grace in new york islanders oddsthe 1990s. Since then, the team has grown to become a good playoff contender, especially after the arrival of John Tavares in 2009. Find out if it’s worth placing a future bet on the Islanders down below.

Along with the team’s recent performance history, we also discuss odds and provide a list betting site with the best New York Islanders odds. So, read on and learn all you need to know about betting on this prestigious team now.

Best New York Islanders Betting Sites 2019

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New York Islanders Odds & Performance History

As previously mentioned, the New York Islanders were formed in 1972. This makes them the second oldest team in New York. The team has had a bit of mixed history when it comes to performance in the league. Their early history was filled with team building efforts. This would eventually result in a great streak of success almost a decade later.

Between 1980 and 1983, the team was able to pick up four consecutive Stanley Cup titles, with the Islanders team of that period being considered one of the eight great dynasties within the league. Following this period of domination, the team struggled to see any form of success. They failed to win a playoff game in 22 consecutive seasons.

Although the arrival of John Tavares in 2009 did give the team a glimmer of hope to see some victory, it was only after he left in 2015 that the team actually won another playoff game. Despite many considering the team unlikely to win the Stanley Cup, the Islanders have seen some success recently. Could 2019 be their year to lift the trophy that has eluded them for over 30 years?

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