Tampa Bay Lightning Odds

The Tampa Bay Lightning is one of the leading hockey teams in the USA. They are also a qualified ice hockey squad in Tampa, Florida. Lightning are a member of the Atlantic Partition of the East Session of the NHL. Tampa Bay Lightning have one Stanley Cup championship to their name, obtained in 2003–04. The Atlantic division seems to be Tampa’s for the taking. The team is growing and composed to have their greatest season since they won the Cup. They earned their first and only Stanley Cup back in 2003-04. Also, they have 2 division championships and 2 conference titles. There’s not a lot of history about the club that already won a Cup.

Tampa Bay Lightning Odds

Betting on Tampa Bay Lightning Games

Want to wager on the Lightning next year? Look out for a huge regular season, however, we are not sure if the team is ready for the playoffs or not. The teams goaltending is still unverified, and it needs to be better for them to win.

As for the general NHL betting, keep in mind bad teams do actually win a decent number of matches. The top rank teams win close to 70% of their games. While the lower-class teams still continue to win about 30% of their matches. There are poise and equivalence throughout the whole National Hockey League, and betting lines reflect that fact. So, you might not see the payoff potential that you would normally see elsewhere in other sports if you bet on underdogs.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning – Overview

Also, you might have heard about the zigzag philosophy when wagering on the National Hockey League. In a nutshell, you wager on a team that has just lost, because they will bounce back and win. This is a good strategy when two regular and equivalent teams are playing against each other.

The unfortunate part is that it doesn’t feature in injuries, hot goaltenders or other things that might cause a team to lose games. On the other hand, it doesn’t apply to any strong or weak clubs that are expected to go on a long streak.