Florida Panthers Betting Odds & NHL Lines

Florida Panthers has been a member of the professional ice hockey league since the 1993 – 94 National Hockey League (NHL) season. Based in Miami, the NHL team participates in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The NHL team may not have won the Stanley Cup yet in its short history. But they’ve been showing signs of improvement with each season that passes. Find out how to bet on Florida Panthers games and win.

Florida Panthers Schedule & Standing

The NHL season is long and very competitive, spanning over a six-month period. In total, there are 82 hockey games that determine the log standings, with each team earning points per game played. You can find Florida Panthers’ next game and previous results to measure their potential to win. Bets on the FL Panthers should be guided by the type of form they are showing in the regular season. If they have a string of good results, you can peg on them to continue with the momentum. The alternative is also applicable, in that when they struggle to win, it’s safe to bet against them.

Florida Panthers Betting Odds

How to Bet on the Florida Panthers – Betting Odds

Bettors are always looking at the odds of the Florida Panthers making the playoffs of the Stanley Cup. All the sportsbooks have different betting odds based on their assessment of the game. Bettors that place a wager on the Florida Panthers winning a game commonly base their bets on several tips and predictions from experts. It is important to side with a team that has a home advantage. Ice hockey games in Florida typically have exuberant fans that support their team wholeheartedly and that lifts the team to perform. Here are other factors to look at:

  • Ice hockey is a relatively low-scoring game thus, bettors should stick to bets on good defence and total bets to win.
  • Head-to-head results of previous encounters can be a useful tool to base your bet.
  • US punters need to grow a liking for the game of hockey strong enough to sustain interest. This will help them make informed bets and subsequently win.
  • Pay attention to the Florida Panthers’ roster and which players are available for games. If their star player is injured, it is highly unlikely that they might win the game.

All ice hockey games are high-paced and confrontational. This adds to the excitement of not only watching the games but placing a wager on your favorite team as well. Check out some of the top US betting sites that we’ve reviewed and place a bet on the Florida Panthers today.