Philadelphia Flyers Odds USA

The Philadelphia Flyers is a qualifies ice hockey team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are also members of the Urban Division of the Eastern Conference of the NHL. Philadelphia flyers made their way back to the playoffs last year. However, it won’t be easy to come to make an exceptional comeback. If the team slip up, they might even fail to improve their gaming quality. The franchise won 2 Stanley Cups (1973–74, 1974–75), but for the team it looks like a very long time ago. But the team has the second-best all-time score percentage of 57.7% in the National Hockey League from the 2015–16 NHL season, behind the Montreal Canadians’ 58.9%. The team has seen the best players through the years.

Betting on Philadelphia Flyers Games

The Philadelphia Flyers have a very modest team, so they are always the best team to place your money on. You can bet on the team and stand a chance to make it big. However, one should not forget that the team might find it hard to make a comeback in the playoffs.

Moreover, since the 70s, the team has not won any championship. Which is really quite sad. The team also had false hope for bettors in the past years. However, we believe that the team can still make it to the playoffs and also take the championship.  Lindros was honoured as the player of the future, and the player worth giving the keys to your empire. But remember, Lindros also struggled with continuous injuries and concussions during his time in Philadelphia. Also, the team never got any further than being swept in the championships by the Detroit Red Wings.

Philadelphia Flyers Overview

Philadelphia Flyers need to add depth and consistent scoring before they can move forward or be expected to move forward. They’re better now and were great enough to be placed 5th in the east last year, however, not good enough to leave the first round. The team has to improve their gameplay next year and stop slipping.

Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Scores and Standings

Here’s a look at the Philadelphia Flyers’ standings. Check out how they’re performing against the rest of the division and the NHL. This might change along the way.

1. Tampa Bay Lightning 54 35 26 7 143 99
2. Toronto Maple Leafs 46 34 22 10 124 95
3. Winnipeg Jets 46 34 22 10 122 98
4. Calgary Flames 46 35 22 11 122 95
5. Nashville Predators 46 35 22 11 108 88
6. Buffalo Sabres 45 35 20 10 107 103
7. Colorado Avalanche 44 35 19 10 124 107
8. Washington Capitals 43 33 20 10 123 102
9. San Jose Sharks 43 35 19 11 116 103
10. Anaheim Ducks 43 38 19 12 94 103


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