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NHL Central Division Odds

NHL Central Division OddsThe NHL Central Division is part of the National Hockey League that takes place in North America. The amount of talent that represents the Central Division is displayed in the number of hockey teams that qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs. It is sometimes tricky to pick the top sides from the conference when participating in Central Division betting, with sides such as the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks.

The Central Division is notorious for having competitive teams that have a brilliant track record in the playoffs. It is prudent to keeping track of standings and how the NHL teams are performing in their respective divisions. This will enable players to find attractive underdog picks that sportsbooks did not anticipate to perform well. Find a list of NHL online gambling sites that features bets on the Central Division. You will be remiss to miss the chance to make money betting on hockey games online.

Best NHL Central Division Sites

What You’ll Find In Our NHL Central Division Guide

Central Division NHL Standings

The Central Division of the NHL has consistently kept on changing, with teams being drafted in different conferences for one reason or another. The NHL Central Division expanded to seven teams in 2013. There are teams were formed rather recently while others have a longstanding history in hockey. All these teams play home and away games between one another for points that determine their position on the standings. Gamblers are able to bet on teams in the Central Division at US sports betting sites.

What NHL teams are in the Central Division?

The full list of teams that participate in the NHL Central Division Championship games includes:

The Central Division was mostly dominated by the Detroit Red Wings before they moved out to the Atlantic Division. After them came Colorado Avalanche, who have two Stanley Cups to their name. The Dallas Stars have tasted victory as well, although it’s been two decades since they last won the Cup. The Central Division was expanded to make way for three of the NHL’s newest franchises in the Nashville Predators, Minnesota Wild, and Winnipeg Jets after 1999. Don’t let their brief histories fool you, they have proven to be forces to be reckoned with, with the Predators winning the last two championships.

Central Division Championship

Division Championship Betting Tips

Officially formed in 1993, there is enough history in the Central Division to help gamblers choose the right wagers when betting on hockey. You can find top NHL Vegas lines online to bet on, including all the different divisions. For players that are not familiar with online betting, these tips are meant for you.

The internet is filled with tipsters that will prop their strategies as full-proof, which is incorrect and at worst illegal. At best, our tips give you an indication of what to look out for, what the general public is thinking and which bets have paid out the most in the past. Check out our betting tips and see if they bring you similar fortune as some of the bettors have found.

  • Bettors should place specific attention on how the odds are set up at different betting sites. This will indicate the favorites and the underdogs for the tie.
  • Most US players opt for moneyline bets despite the fact that they may not have a high payout. This is based on the fact that some teams have an overwhelming advantage when playing certain teams which makes the result almost inevitable.
  • If you are not sold on the moneyline bet, you can opt to go against public odds. This will give you much better odds because you are basically saying everyone is wrong about the tie. Tread carefully though, you know what they say…. majority rules.
  • Always base your bets on how you see each team performing in the playoffs. It is not wise to peg a team that won the Western Conference Championship to win the Stanley Cup if they haven’t performed well in recent years.
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