Arizona Coyotes Betting Odds

Arizona Coyotes has morphed quite a number of times, hopefully, this name will stick. The National Hockey League team has rebranded from the founding name, Winnipeg Jets to the Phoenix Coyotes which it later changed. Since it was founded in 1972, the team has had a mixed bag of results, still seeking its maiden title. In order to inspire a change in fortunes, the NHL team has changed ownership and later rechristened the team like the Arizona Coyotes. Follow the guide to learn how to bet on Arizona Coyotes games, and find out all the stats and odds to help you bet wiser.

Arizona Coyotes Schedule & Log Standing

The NHL log standing is quite telling of Arizona Coyotes odds of winning the championship. They are not the worst side in the Pacific Division, however, they are further down the pecking order. When it comes to teams that are going to the playoffs, they still have a long way to go. Arizona Coyotes standings indicate that the team needs reinforcements because the current crop of players and management have not been able to steer the ship on the correct path.

Arizona Coyotes Betting Lines

Betting Odds on Arizona Coyotes

The Coyotes teams’ stats are not impressive and sports books are aware of that. This means that they are primarily pegged as the underdogs, and bets against them do not pay out big. The most attractive wager is a point spread bet. It promises high payouts for guessing whether a team will win or lose within the pre-set margin or range of points. Ice hockey might be a game of low-scoring averages, but punters can take advantage of teams that lack confidence. Inversely, if your gut is telling you otherwise, bet on an Arizona Coyotes win. And as the old saying does, let the chips fall where they may. For bettors looking for Arizona Coyotes next game, check out our trusted sports betting sites to bet and win big.

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