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Betting on NHL Pacific Teams

The National Hockey League (NHL) Pacific division is one of the best in ice hockey. This division is home to top teams from across North America like the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks. These popular teams in the NHL Pacific division are favorites to win the Stanley Cup almost every year. To get the latest odds on NHL Pacific teams, check out our recommend online gambling sites. We’ve also listed the eight teams playing in the division by city below.

  1. Anaheim Ducks, California
  2. Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona
  3. Calgary Flames, Alberta
  4. Edmonton Oilers, Alberta
  5. Los Angeles Kings, California
  6. San Jose Sharks, California
  7. Vancouver Canucks, British Columbia
Betting on NHL Pacific Teams

Odds on NHL Western Conference

What You’ll Find In Our NHL Pacific Guide

Betting on Western NHL Pacific Games

As always, Canadian teams in the NHL are the favorites. This includes the Canucks, Flames, and Oilers. While they may not win every time, they have the best odds every year. When it comes to betting on the NHL Pacific at US sports betting sites, we recommend using the Zig Zag theory for evenly matched teams.

This theory is focused on the idea that if a Western Conference team loses one game, they’re due for a win. However, it’s harder to trust for weaker or stronger teams. Mainly because these teams are more or less likely to win. The Zig Zag theory also excludes important factors of ice hockey games. Namely, goalkeeping and strong defense strategies. Some teams might also have injuries that could influence the results.

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As always, we advise using only 10% of your bankroll for bets. So, if you’ve budgeted $100, only bet $10 on a win. Ice hockey is famous for being unpredictable, which means that careful betting is necessary. Having two teams to pick from is also a great idea in the Western Conference NHL Pacific division, because there are so many strong sides. If you’re going to use the Zig Zag strategy, research is the key to minimizing your losses.

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