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How to Play Baccarat

How to play baccarat is simple enough if you know how the game works and the rules. Of course, you have to factor in the strategy, although it’s largely a game of chance. Most people will know baccarat as the high roller game, mostly because of the James Bond movies. However online baccarat has made the gambling game a lot more accessible to most people.

We have compiled an easy baccarat card game how to play guide for our readers. Include is an easy step by step and rules to help beginners. Whether you play online or at a casino, you will find tips that will improve your game. If you are already confident in your skills, then dive right in. We have a list of the best baccarat casinos listed here:

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How Do You Play Baccarat?

  1. Place your bets first before the cards are dealt.
  2. The dealer hands out the cards, the banker and players get two cards face up.
  3. If the cards they have been given exceed 9 / are double digits then the hand assume the value of the second digit
  4. If a player’s cards are less than the value of 5, they are dealt another card.
  5. After this the round ends and payouts are given according to what bets the player placed.
How to Play Online Baccarat

How to play baccarat and win

Although the baccarat card game is partly a game of chance, there are ways to improve your win rate. Of course, you can’t win every single time but you can make better strategic moves. The top three ways to play baccarat and win are:

  1. Choose your bets well according the odds
  2. Know the rules
  3. Practice, practice, practice!

Baccarat Game Rules

  • Bets first before cards are dealt.
  • The winning hand is a natural 9 or a Natural 8
  • If the players cards are less than 5, they get an additional card
  • Should the banker’s hand be less than 5 they unlike the player are not obliged to get a third card
  • Banker is only obliged to Hit when the hand is 2 or less.
  • In a scenario where player and banker have hands value more than 9, they each receive a third card
  • Cards assume the value of the second digit if the card value exceeds 9.

How to Play Baccarat Online Bets?

Baccarat bets are important in how you play the game. They influence your chances of winning. When you play baccarat, it is important to know the main bets and the odds and house edge of each bet. Some bets may have a high payout but very low probability and high risk.

  • Betting on the player pays 1 to 1 while carrying the 2nd highest house edge of the three main bets.
  • Banker bet has the lowest risk and pays just 5% lower than the player bet.
  • A tie bet has the highest payout of 8 to 1 but the risk is extremely high with a house edge of almost 15%.

How to Play Baccarat in Casino?

In whatever way you get to enjoy the casino card game of baccarat, there are standard tips that will improve how you play. It’s a fast-paced game and its high payout makes it popular at many online casinos.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the baccarat rules
  2. Know the different bets the odds
  3. Test different strategies
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