US Guide to Baseball Betting

Many bettors in the USA argue that baseball betting stands to be the most successful sports betting event in the country. Well, with the number of punters signing up every day at the best US sports guide, that cannot be denied. Baseball betting is different from basketball or football betting because of one significant factor – it doesn’t require a point spread.

Baseball Betting USA

With baseball, American players can only rely on the money line betting odds and its different variations, meaning that with baseball, punters only have to wager on which team will win or lose. One of the most exciting things about baseball betting is that it has an extended time frame in spring and this means that bettors have better odds and increased chances of winning. Read on below and learn more about Baseball betting in the USA.

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Baseball betting on Major leagues

When one really wants to win, they need to know that it’s essential to know to the various forms of betting options available for baseball. Though baseball is regarded as one of the sports with the best betting odds, it’s not necessarily the first choice for many new sports betters because like we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t offer a point spread. Below are some of the top recommended betting lines and odds for new punters to make use of when placing wagers on baseball.

The Run Line

This is a mixture of money line and point spread. On the run line, the favored side will be signified with -5, meaning that the respective team must win the game by over 1.5 runs. The underdog team or the losing team will be represented with a +1.5, meaning that the specific team must lose by less than 1.5 runs. In most cases, USA bettors wager on the winning teams because the chances of winning are higher.

Money Line

This is when punters bet on which team will win the game. Money line available on a specific team determines the amount of money that could be earned by a US punter on a bet. This is considered as one of the easiest and best ways of wagering on Major League games. However, the payout available on the money line betting odds is can be quite confusing for some bettors, especially the novice punters. The team that is considered the winning team is one on the money line, and it will be represented by a negative sign before the numbers.

The losing team or the underdog will be represented by the opposite sign, a positive. These two signs determine how a bet may pay out. Thus, when one bet on the favorite team, they will be paid less as compared to one that bets on the team considered as the underdog because the odds are much higher.

Over/Under or Total

This betting option means that bettors have an opportunity to wager on the overall number of runs scored during the gameplay. With this option, US punters get to bet on whether is going to be under or over the provided number. However, there are cases where the score matches the number offered, and in such a case, the player’s initial bet will be paid out without a loss or a win.

Best Baseball Betting Tricks and Tips

When you are new to sports betting, especially baseball betting, you’ll need all the help there is to win real money after placing bets. So, below are some of the top tips and strategies that our expert team of players has laid down a few tips and tricks to help US players win big.

Keep your distance from Favorites: Most oddsmakers like wagering on the favorite meaning that they’ll only be relying on the public bias. Some of the most famous teams such as Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers will forever have a higher payout and most punters will bet on them regardless of the odds available.

Always Capitalize on Underdogs: As we mentioned before, baseball has an extended season in spring, and they’ll be many games being played during that period. When bettors wager on the losing team continually, eventually they’ll be a win on a couple of games. However, they’ll still be a chance for the bettor to lose their money on the wager they placed but then again, the win is gainfully more if one wins, making wagering on the underdogs a better option.

Bet against the Public: Many US punters always bet on the favorite teams based on the players that are on that team and the number of times that the team has won in the previous seasons. But, in many cases, the punters lose if they wager basing on this information because seasons vary, they are not always the same, so is the gameplay.

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To sum it all up, baseball betting has grown to be one of America’s past time event that comes with exciting bonuses and promotions, let alone the big wins! So, feel free to visit any of the best sports books online featured on our site and start betting for real money today!