Online Rugby Betting in USA

Rugby’s popularity worldwide is quite big – there are over 100 nations registered in the World Rugby Official Rankings. However, in America, not many people are familiar with the contact sport. Therefore, online rugby betting on our shores isn’t that common.

rugby player running with the ball


There have been some comparisons drawn with the sport to football, but these are two entirely different sports. Because of its popularity internationally, and its growing niche market here, US international bookies are increasingly including it in their sportsbooks.

Below let’s take a look at where US fans can find the best online rugby betting sites, the types of rugby played, what they need to know about online rugby betting, and the different types of bets they should expect.

Best Online Rugby Betting Sites


Types of Rugby to Bet On

Those unfamiliar with rugby will be surprised to learn that there are two different types of rugby that they can watch and place online bets on. They are known as the rugby union and rugby league forms.

Rugby Union Betting

In this version, teams battle for possession of the ball in each half. It is a slower version compared to the second kind.

Rugby League Betting

This is a faster version of the two. However, the match times are slightly longer than the rugby union version.

Online rugby betting for these two forms can vary. They can either be straightforward or complex, and this all depends on the type of match and the bookie.

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What to Know Before Betting Online Rugby

Much like other sports, make sure you know the betting rules before making a bet, especially a large one. Understand the intricacies of each of the different types of games, the player positions, and the team’s stats. Understanding the team’s win -to-loss ratio and on which specific grounds they won or loss makes a difference.

Online Rugby Betting Types

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the types of bets you can place with online rugby betting. We look at the five most common rugby bets you’ll find at an online betting site.

  1. Outright Winner: this type of bet is about wagering on who will win the game. At an online rugby betting site, the team’s odds are usually listed next to them and how much the pay out will be if they win. Usually, the one with the highest odds are the underdogs and pay out the highest.
  2. Total Points or Over/Under: when bettors pick this type of bet they are wagering on how many points the match will have. You can either pick an amount over or under the match points.
  3. First Try Scorer: this is when you wager on who will score the first goal – called a try in rugby – of the match.
  4. Supremacy: bettors wager on how many points a team will defeat another team by.
  5. Future: this type of bet predicts the winner of a tournament or series.

With rugby being such a huge sport across the globe, joining in on the online rugby betting action is bound to come with lots of reward. Learning more about the game, its players, and the teams will help you make great betting decisions.