Betting on the African Cup of Nations

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) happens every two years and brings together 16 of the best teams on the African continent to compete against each other. This tournament has become one of the best sporting events to wager on because it offers some great gaming to watch.

There are also a lot of sports betting websites where US players can wager on the AFCON and get the best bonuses and great odds.

best on the african cup of nations trophy

Betting on Draws for AFCON

Unlike other soccer matches, with the AFCON, there is the option to wager on a draw. Many of the teams playing in this tournament are known to have high possibilities of drawing. This is why the oddsmakers have decided to create odds and lines for this possibility. There are bets such as the money line and totals bets.

Betting Predictions

48 teams take part in the AFCON. They are grouped into 12, and they have to play against each other until there is the final winner. Each group will have two teams that are favoured to move on to the next round. However, in other groups, it may be a bit hard to predict who will advance to the next round. These rounds create great wagering opportunities and, when done correctly, can be profitable.

AFCON Betting Odds

The host country automatically qualifies to take part in the tournament. However, it does not mean they will be the favourites to win. Should they prove to be worthy throughout the match, then as a bettor, you can consider placing a bet on them. Oddsmakers will have odds for the team, but it is about finding the odds with high value.

There are also odds that can be made for teams that have won the title a lot more than the other teams such as Egypt, who have won the title seven times. However, always check for the trends on the team to see whether they have a chance to win or not.

Other teams that may be considered as the underdogs have proven that they can also take the title. Underdog teams such as Zambia have won the title once.

Tips to Bet on the African Cup of Nations

Like any sport that you choose to wager on, always do your research. That includes finding out the performance of the teams. Once you know where the team you want to bet stand, check the odds available for the team. Compare the odds from the different sports betting sites to see which one have a high payout. Then you will choose what kind of bet you want to make and make it with the sportsbooks site you have chosen.