FC Cincinnati MLS Betting

FC Cincinnati just made it into the MLS, having only been founded in 2016. In May 2018 it was officially announced that the former United Soccer League Championship (USLC) or USL Pro would become part of the MLS in 2019. Since the team has not yet played in the MLS sports betting fans maybe unsure about how to bet on FC Cincinnati matches. However, we have compiled information from previous matches to give you the best odds and bets for FC Cincinnati.


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FC Cincinnati Odds based on History

FC Cincinnati has played mostly in the USLC therefore to get a good idea of what their performance is like we need to factor in all USLC stats. The soccer club has never won the USLC Cup however they have managed to clinched regular season title in the USLC regular season once before. This clearly shows that they can hold their own throughout a season. Nonetheless, they are still going to be pitted as underdogs in sportsbooks because they have just only joined the Major League Soccer ranks. Therefore, all our US readers looking forward to betting on FC Cincinnati

When they played in USLC they won almost 70% of all the matches they played in 2018. Clearly this is a solid team however, like we said earlier because its relatively unknown in the MLS the odds are against the team. What bets would be best when wagering on an unknown? Below we suggest a few bets that will yield back good profits.

Top 3 Bets to Place on FC Cincinnati MLS Games

  1. Halftime Line bets – such a bet gives US bettors a chance to survey how both teams are performing and make closer bet with a higher probability of winning.
  2. Point Spread betting – this is the best kind of bet when there is an underdog and favorite playing. Instead of betting on an exact score you bet on a spread or margin by which you think the favourite will win by or by which the underdog will lose by. Find more details on how spread bets work
  3. Teaser bet – this is like a parlay bet with an allowance for a point spread. Parlay bets merge, moneyline ; spread and totals.

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