LA Galaxy Team Overview

LA Galaxy is a MLS western conference teams with a pretty good track record. Considered a ‘glamour’ team, LA Galaxy is what most people imagine when they think of soccer. The team has won five MLS Cups, four Supporters’ Shields and eight western conference championships. What’s more, they’ve won nine conference playoffs.

With such a long list of victories, it’s no wonder that LA Galaxy attracted some great players. In fact, the team’s previous purchases include David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan. As a result, the Hollywood team is a favourite for most matches. For American bettors, this is the perfect team to wager on. Even if they lose, you’ll still win. Check out the latest odds for Los Angeles Galaxy at the top betting sites we’ve listed.

LA Galaxy Team Overview

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LA Galaxy Performance History

While there are other Californian teams in the conference, LA Galaxy is one of the best. Still, their rivalry with the San Jose Earthquakes is pretty entertaining. Both teams have won the California Clasico before, but LA won more matchups. In every derby game, bettors have plenty of options in terms of odds and bets. The squad is also prone to getting better odds because of previous performances.

On the whole, the team plays well both in away and home games. However, there are always exceptions. Depending on the day, and other factors, the team could still miss the goal.

As usual, we recommend careful research when betting, even when LA Galaxy is playing well. Bad bets happen in any match, so knowing the odds and statistics won’t hurt. Typically, Galaxy performs well, but they can have off days due to injuries or a strong defense from the other team. Knowing the line-ups and track records of players also won’t hurt. Especially, when gambling for real money online.

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