Orlando City SC Overview

The Orlando City Soccer Club is one of the teams in the eastern conference of Major League Soccer. Based in Orlando, Florida, the team was founded in 2013 and goes by the nickname ‘the Lions’. This makes them one of the newest teams in MLS. So, their track record is not set in stone, and they could become a force to be reckoned with. However, in 2018, they were ranked second to last in the league.

In effect, this makes them one of the weakest teams of the league. For this reason, we don’t really recommend betting on the team exclusively. Added to this, as a smaller team, they don’t exactly have the resources for big transfers and higher-end players. To make things worse, the team currently doesn’t have a home playing ground. Still, they are in the process of getting one.

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Orlando City SC Overview

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Orlando City SC Performance History

In true Florida fashion, Orlando City SC plays better in home games. in 2018, they ranked a place higher in the standings. However, their performance is still not great. Since 2013, they’ve struggled against other eastern teams. More so, there are just too many great sides in the franchise to give them a fighting chance right now.

When betting on any MLS game, we recommend keeping track of their performance and major trends. At the moment, Orlando City doesn’t have major trends in terms of where they play better. On the bright side, this does make it better for gamblers betting on the team. This is because most sportsbooks can’t accurately predict their wins or goals with so little history. In fact, bets could pay out higher because of this.

Taking advantage of this is pretty easy then. Still, we still advise spreading your bets, and avoiding outright predictions. Simply because there are no guarantees for bettors in the US at this stage. Of course, Orlando City could prove everyone wrong in upcoming seasons.

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