Portland Timbers Sports Betting Odds USA

The Portland Timbers is an American soccer team in Portland, Oregon. The Timbers are competing in Major League Soccer as a member team of the league’s Western Conference. The soccer team played their home games since the year 2011 at Providence Park.

Portland Timbers Sports Betting Odds USA

Betting on Portland Timbers Games

The Portland Timbers is one of the successful development teams in the Major League Soccer, having been initiated in the 2011 season. The team outdone the Western Conference in their third try with a striking record featuring five defeats from 34 starts. In 2015 they went on to claim their first Major League Soccer Cup.

While they are so far to reach the same level in Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Champions League or the US Open Cup, the Timbers’ have overwhelmed with their on-field play.

Portland Timbers- Odds

The success the Timbers have had since their beginning is best outlined by their support from home. To date, Portland sold out every single home match at Providence Park and have a waiting list of more than 10,000 fans for season tickets. This is good news for skilled bettors as odds on every Portland Timbers game will be tilted by the substantial fan base and it might lead to extra favourable odds when wagering for or against them. Use this advantage and wait for the right minute to back your team at the finest price.

One of the longest oppositions in the Major League Soccer is between the Seattle Sounders and the Timbers, with both clubs clashing since the original North American Soccer League launched in the 1970s. Games between these sides are tough to choose as there is a slight difference between the teams. The best illustration is from the 2016 MLS where each side won three and also lost three at the hands of their rivals and ended up with a tie.

Portland Timbers

Portland Timbers – Overview

Unless you have solid research and you are convinced you can choose a winner, these fixtures might be the ones to avoid when betting. The good news is that there are hundreds of different gambling choices available on every matchday.

Portland Timbers Soccer and Standings

Check out the teams current MLS standings, however, you should know that they change every matchday.

1. New York Red Bulls U23 37 14 12 1 1 51 14 37
2. OKC Energy FC U23 37 14 12 1 1 39 10 29
3. Reading United A.C. 36 14 12 0 2 36 10 26
4. Seacoast United Phantoms 35 14 11 2 1 44 20 24
5. FC Miami City Champions 33 14 10 3 1 41 12 29
6. FC Golden State Force 33 14 10 3 1 45 17 28
7. Michigan Bucks 33 14 10 3 1 31 9 22
8. Myrtle Beach Mutiny 33 14 10 2 1 38 19 19
9. Fresno Fuego 32 14 10 3 2 45 19 26
10. FC Tucson 30 14 9 3 2 34 17 17

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