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Atlantic City Blackjack Explained

Atlantic City Blackjack GuideAtlantic City Blackjack is a blackjack variation that was first offered in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Based on the theme of the famous blackjack table, Atlantic City Blackjack is a non-collectible card game for two players. Every player starts with 100,000 chips. These chips are in the form of a poker chip token, a mini-money, a token in the form of a cash card, or some other token. We will discuss the various aspects of the game better later on in the guide.

USA players can enjoy a classic Atlantic City Blackjack game from the comfort of their homes. There are quite a few top online gambling sites that offer this game. In this guide, we will be taking a look at all aspects of this variation of 21, including the best internet casinos that offer this game as well as the rules of the game. If you are interested in learning more about this interesting variation of blackjack then keep reading our guide.

Best Atlantic City Blackjack Casinos

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Atlantic City Blackjack Gameplay

A game of online casino Atlantic City Blackjack would require as many as eight decks of cards. The basic gameplay remains the same. A player will play against a dealer and the value of the cards that are dealt for both the player and the dealer should not exceed 21. Should the value of the cards exceed 21 then that is considered a bust and the player ultimately loses the game. Below, we have a step-by-step guide on the gameplay of Atlantic City Blackjack.

  • The dealer will hand out the first round of cards for each player and one for him/herself. The cards handed to the players must be faced down and the card the dealer gets must be faced up.
  • The players will get another round of cards handed to them and they will get a card face up, this time.
  • Now it is time for players to make their bets based on the cards they are dealt with.

Atlantic City Blackjack Rules and Betting Options

Atlantic City Blackjack rules differ slightly to what we’ve explained above. In this part of the guide, we will list the most important rules of this variation of online blackjack.

  1. Firstly, the ace remains the most valued card in the game.
  2. The dealer may stand on soft 17 and is permitted to check their cards for Blackjack.
  3. Players may double down on two cards but only after splitting.
  4. Players may surrender late in the game.
  5. The Aces may be split but only once.
  6. Bear in mind that the dealer may peek for blackjack.

Tips for Atlantic City Blackjack

With Blackjack players are given multiple strategy charts to help them navigate the various possibilities in any game. So, naturally, the same goes for Atlantic City Blackjack. Players can get this a strategy chart for this 21 variation by using a digital basic strategy engine. Below, we have an example of what the chart might look like.

Atlantic City Blackjack USA

To ensure that you are well prepared to achieve great results here are a few more tips.

  • Don’t play this game while intoxicated. It’s the quickest way to lose. This might be a game of chance but you still need to think clearly.
  • It’s best to invest in insurance when playing the game. Should the dealer have blackjack you’ll be paid out a certain portion of your bet if you have insurance.
  • Because you’ll be playing at an online casino, we suggest you keep an eye out for all kinds of bonuses and promotions.
  • Also, don’t maintain a losing streak in hopes that your win is coming. So, avoid the ‘due to win’ mentality at all costs.

Play Atlantic City Blackjack Today

Now that you know a little more about this game, and you are ready to make some real money we suggest you sign up with the casino sites we previously listed. Join today to get the best promotions and bonuses.

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