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How to Cheat Online Casinos

Sarah | October 27, 2020 | Updated on: January 29th, 2021

Is there a way to cheat online casinos?

If you are asking this question, you may be tired of constantly losing when you play online casino games.

Well, there are several ways to cheat casinos and more ways to beat online casino games legitimately. Although we wouldn’t recommend the former, we will still lay out the options and you can make the final choice for yourself.

Many have resorted to cheating at casinos to win. While they may have won rewards, a good number of them were soon caught by the long arm of the law.

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Can You Cheat Online Casinos?

Before we get into whether or not you can cheat online casinos, let us explore if anyone has successfully cheated at brick-and-mortar casinos. There actually have been lots of instances of people cheating at land-based casinos, especially on slots and roulette tables.

People have tampered with slot machines, video poker machines, and roulette tables in a bid to get more wins than they would if they just played the game fairly. Usually, most of these players physically tampered with the casino machinery to win.

Now with that in mind, would it be possible to cheat on online casinos?

No…well, not unless you hack the casino software, which is nearly impenetrable because of the high-end SSL encryption used. The encryption technology is the same tech used by some of the best financial institutions in the world.

Alternatively, you could develop the casino software yourself and create a program that allows you to continually win without getting caught. (Good luck with that one.)

Even if you were to, in this very hypothetical situation, manage to skew software in your favor, the regular casino audits would expose the anomaly. This would lead to an investigation and you getting your own jail cell.

So, it’s needless to say that it’s nearly impossible to cheat on online casinos.

How to Cheat Online Casinos

How to Hack Online Gambling Sites Legitimately

Instead of fixating on how to cheat online gambling sites, you can legitimately beat online casinos. There are several proven online casino hacks that can help you win more at casinos. While there are game specific hacks – like how to beat slots, roulette or blackjack- there are general tips that will help for all gambling games.

Sign Up to a Legit Online Casino

If you want to get the best payouts and fair games, it is key to play at an honest and legit online casino site.

Practice with Free Games.

Casinos offer games with free play modes where newbies can practice casino games until they are confident enough to play for real money. These free games are great way to practice different strategies and see which ones work better.

Claim Your Free Sign Up Bonus.

Make use of the casino bonuses they allow you to play games for free or at wildly-reduced wagers and still win real money. It’s a good way to gain more for less.

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy.

The importance of strategy is key in beating online casinos. Most players think strategy only comes into play in blackjack, poker and other such card games. But there are several strategies that have been proven to improve odds of winning in even slots and roulette.

Read Casino Terms.

Make sure you are clear on the casino terms and conditions on bonuses, deposits, and payouts to avoid misunderstandings. One of the most important terms to pay attention to on bonuses is wagering requirements, which affects your payout after you use a bonus.

Gamble Responsibly.

We cannot emphasize this is enough, it is imperative that you play responsibly if you are to beat the casino. Gambling responsibly means stopping when you are on a losing streak. Setting a budget and time limit and sticking to it. Casino sites aren’t going anywhere; they’ll be there the next day. Log out refresh and regroup and come back to try different strategies.

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