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Craps Rules: How to Play Craps Online

Online Craps RulesFollowing craps rules is one of the most advisable ways to understand how the game works fully. Craps seems like a complicated game. However, this is not the case. The dice features continuous action with bets being made at any point in different rounds.

Several bets can be made, but the game 10x more fun when you understand the betting possibilities. Whether you are a novice or an avid player, understand how craps works is important to your game.

Craps is played on a table that has bets marked off on it. Two dice are used, and the aim of the game is to bet on the outcome of the two dice. The dice are rolled by the shooter.

At an online craps table, the dice will be rolled using some sort of stimulation. The results of the dice will be those of a random number generator. Our experts at have put together an easy to follow guide on understanding craps rules.

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Casino Craps Rules

Each round of craps starts with the come-out roll. Some casino sites will require that the shooter makes a bet on the pass lone or the don’t pass line before making the roll. The craps dice game rules suggest that the shooter is generally the newest player at the table.

Should the combined value of the dice equal 12, 3, or 2, then the round is over. This is known as crapping out. Players who placed bets on the pass line will lose their bet. If the dice roll equals 11 or 7, the round is also over, and this is known as a natural.

If the dice ends on another combination, such as 10,9, 8, 6, 5, and 4, then the round will move on to the next stage. The first result of the dice roll will be known as the point established. The game will continue under the dice outcome if the point established is 7. These basic rules for playing craps sound easy, right?

Casino Craps Rules

Craps Game Rules: Bets

Craps has 22 different bets, and this is what makes the game seem complex. We will take a look at the most popular bets in online craps that all players should know.

Pass or Don’t Pass Bets

The pass line bet is a bet made on the outcome being a natural or rolling out the point of establishment. The don’t pass bet is the exact opposite. This bet is made on the fact the shooter will not pass. The outcome of the dice could be 2 or 3. Should the dice end on a 12, then it is a push. With a push, you do not win or lose your bet. Both bets have a payout ratio of 1:1.

Come and Don’t Come bets

Both these bets can only be made when the point has been established. The come and don’t come bet work similarly to the pass and don’t pass bets. The come bet wins if a natural is rolled out. The don’t come bet will win if a 2 or 3 is rolled out. An outcome of 12 is still a push. The payout for both bets is 1: 1

Other Bets

From the 22 bets, other popular bets include hardways. With this particular bet, players win if a 10,8, 6, or 4 are rolled out with the outcome of the dice being in pairs. So, 2 and 2 to make a 4 or 5 and 5 to make 10. Other popular bets with great payouts include:

  • Propositions – Payout between 30:1 and 5:1
  • Place – Payout between 2:1 and 6:5
  • Field – Payout between 3:1 and 1:1
  • Big 6 and Big 8 – Payout 1:1
  • Yo Eleven Bet – Payout 16:1

Basic Craps Rules

The best way to put the craps rules to good use is to play online. There are plenty of casino sites that offer free craps games players can use to familiarize themselves with the game. Craps has a house edge of 1.41%, making it one of the highest paying casino games. Learning how to play the game could do your bankroll some good.

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