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Yo Eleven Bet

Yo Eleven Bet The yo eleven bet in the game of craps is one of the most well-known wagers when it comes to Craps. So, you have to roll a number 11 to win. However, you need to keep in mind that the yo bet is only relevant for a specific roll.

So, if you are able to win on the Yo 11, then you should expect a 15:1 payout from the craps dealer. Considering this payout, you can already see that this is the best bet because of the low risk that comes with it.

So, as an online casino player you don’t have to lose that much if you don’t roll a Yo eleven wager. If you want another definition for the Yo eleven bet it is basically just another term for wagering on the players hooting to roll an 11.

The odds of rolling an 11 are the same as rolling a 3 which is also called an ace deuce. You have to note that rolling an 11 doesn’t come as often as you think.

Best Casinos to Place the Yo Eleven Bet

How to Place a Yo Eleven Bet

The Yo eleven is not shown as a significant number on the craps table. However, there are some casino websites that give players the opportunity to place the Yo bet as a single roll bet.

Many gambling experts may refer to the Yo eleven bet as one of the riskiest bets that you can place when you are on the internet.

There are 36 combinations that you can roll on a dice, so, that means you have a 6% chance of winning the Yo eleven bet. For instance, if you bet $1 then you should expect a payout of $16 because the odds are 15:1.

Luckily, some players may benefit from a 17:1 payout at casino sites on the internet. However, the payout is dependent on which gambling website you have chosen.

Yo Bet Craps Payout

Yo Eleven Craps Payout

The one important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the odds will always favor the gambling website even though the bet is easy and popular. However, it does not mean that lady luck will not be on your side.

You need to make sure that your online craps betting strategy does not involve a focus on the Yo eleven bet. The Yo bet can make the game of craps fun but it can also complicate your gameplay.

The Yo 11 bet is considered a diversion from the normal craps game. Also, the bet makes the game quite thrilling and exciting when players use it.

Craps Yo Bet Payout Strategy

There is a smart way to place the Yo Eleven bet. As we all know, the game of craps is a game of chance. So, your strategy should involve the time  to play the Yo eleven bet.

The Yo bet is quite an interesting wager for players because it is risky but attractive to players. However, as a player you need to make sure that you start small when placing this bet. For example, you can start placing a $1 bet on every hand that you have.

If you start losing your bet when you have placed the $1 then you will know to change your strategy and perhaps place $2 every 4 hands.

Changing your strategy when you play craps is a good idea for the whole game and not just the craps game.

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