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French Roulette

French Roulette Rules French Roulette is a type of roulette game that is sometimes compared to the American and European variations. Gamblers are fans of the French Roulette because they believe it has a low house edge that they can use to their advantage. It has remained one of the most loved web-based casino games that players find entertaining.

Luckily for players, French Roulette rules are somewhat the same as the other versions of the online gambling game. However, there are distinct things that we can point out about particular roulette. The chips that are used in the game are of the same value. French Roulette is a single zero game which can have an unrestricted number of players. What’s more, the dealer is available at the start of the game, and assists with bets were required at top online casinos.

Roulette is enjoyed by many players around the US, so we took it upon ourselves to help you know the rules. See how the wheel layout looks, make bets, and win some cash. With that said, the game is based on luck, and winnings are not guaranteed, take your chances anyways!

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French Roulette Contents

Rules for French Roulette

Like with other games, French Roulette rules are the basic knowledge gamblers must have before they play the game. The en prison and la partage rules are identical to this type of roulette and no other. So what does the en prison mean? Well, it gives you the chance to get your stake back in a situation where the ball stops on the zero but you made a bet on a different digit. This rule allows you to receive a spin again.

La partage rule says you have to give away half of your stake if the ball falls on zero or an even digit bet you made. After all, the aim of the game is to guess where the ball will land once the wheel stops turning around.

French Roulette Wheel Layout

The French Roulette table has 37 pockets, the zero is in green color. The rest of the pockets from numbers 1 to 36 are in red. The numbers shown on the wheel are not in order and are not the same as the American Roulette. We are sure you noticed the labels that are in French which makes it obvious which version it belongs to.

French Roulette Bets

French Roulette Bets

When it comes to the French Roulette players can place group or individual bets. There are inside and outside bets that US players can select from. Players must know the odds and cash out all the bets before entering the game. The game will start with the croupier spinning the wheel and ball in different directions. Players will place French Roulette bets and anticipate where the ball will land.

The bets you can make on the results of the ball are as follows the ration in brackets is how much it pays:

Inside Bets:

  • Street bet – selecting three straight digits ( 11:1)
  • Split bet – selecting two adjacent digits on the table (17:1)
  • Straight bet – picking one number from the 36 digits ( 35:1 )

Outside bets:

We’ve translated the French names on the table so you won’t look around for the meaning below.

  • Column bet – picking one of the three columns of digits (2:1)
  • Pair or Impair means Odd or even be – picking either even or odd digit  (1:1)
  • Manque or Passe means Lower or high bet – choosing numbers 1-18 or 19-36 ( 1:1)
  • Douzaine means Dozen bet – selecting the 12 premier (one), 12 Moyenne (two) or 12 Derniere (three) – ( 2:1)
  • Rouge or Noir means Red or Black bet –  selecting  whichever red or black digit  (  1:1)

Call bets are only in this roulette, it’s when players bet that the ball will end up on a particular part of the wheel. These French wagers have multiple categories that players will have to explore if interested.

Play French Roulette – House Edge

Firstly, players know which bets have the best odds hence we said learn this before the game. Remember that they bet a player makes has a certain house edge. It’s also advisable to have a good strategy. Find the house edge for even and odds numbers below:

  • Even number bets – 1.37%
  • Odd number bets – 2.70%

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