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Best Roulette Strategy

Roulette Strategy that WorksRoulette strategy is the best way to win more than you lose in this classic casino game. As exciting as the thrill of the unknown is, it is sometimes better to not leave everything to chance. That is why when you play real money roulette online you need to have a plan of action. An actual roulette strategy that works. Hence we have detailed some popular strategies that actually improve your chances of winning. Notably, the great thing about these roulette systems of play is that they work well at both online and at land-based casinos.

Since you cannot foretell what the wheel spin result will be, that is why these gambling strategies are created. To get the best result as often as possible. Betting strategy is the difference between you winning big at a game of roulette and walking away empty handed. Additionally, we have listed the top roulette online casinos where you can practice your betting strategies.

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Roulette Strategy That Works

There are a number of roulette systems that many gamblers swear by. Some are just flukes and some have a track record of success. Therefore we have compiled a few betting systems with the best odds of winning. The best way to play roulette is through practice, knowledge of the game and great strategy. Some players have managed to get even $3,000/day with the right roulette strategy! Accordingly, we have briefly detailed each of the popular strategies. What’s more you can practice these strategies without losing money by signing up and claiming your free welcome bonus.
Best Roulette Strategy

James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond Strategy is one of the most profitable roulette strategies. This was naturally popularized by the author of the James Bond books Ian Fleming. It is also quite a high-risk strategy since you only account for a few outcomes and exclude 12. In fact, it is a sliding scale type of betting strategy where you place 70%, 25% and 5% of your bankroll on 3 different bets. 70% of the money you want to bet is first bet on betting numbers 19-36. Then, 25% goes towards a bet on numbers 13-18 and finally,  5% is on Zero.

Roulette Wheel Clocking

Roulette Wheel clocking is a system of collecting winning roulette numbers over a period of time. Then, from that collection, picking out the ones that hit most. This roulette strategy usually has the most success at land-based casinos where the roulette wheel may tilt more on one side than the other due to wear and tear. Or the wheel pocket groves may be worn out and the ball will land in one of those pockets more than others. You can still of course use this strategy at online roulette. Although it will not have as much success there.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci roulette strategy prioritizes consistency over profitability. Therefore, if you want a higher success rate this is the strategy you must try out first. It follows an incremental 5 bet strategy. Then, if you win after the five bets then you follow the series backwards. We have expanded on how the strategy works below:

  1. Make the first bet
  2. Repeat the first bet
  3. Your third bet is the total of the first two bets
  4. The fourth bet is a total of the second and third bet
  5. Fifth bet of the sequence is equal to the third and fourth bet.
  6. If you win the last bet make your next bet the difference between the fifth bet and the fourth.
  7. Should you win the next bet then again, the bet is the difference between the fourth and the third

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert Strategy works inversely on the same principle as the Fibonacci strategy. You start off with a base bet. With each win you increase the bet by a single unit. With each loss you decrease the bet by the same amount. Of course, this is not the most profitable roulette strategy but it will definitely keep your bankroll safe. This is a good strategy for beginners.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy may be slightly confusing to some. Firstly, you have to double your bet when you lose. Then, when you win- you place the minimum wager.  So, the logic behind this bet is that doubling your bet after a loss will cover your losses and still give you profit should you win. If you are not afraid to live on the edge and take risks this strategy will pay off for you.

The inverse of this strategy is known as the Reverse Martingale. With this strategy you have to double your wager only when you win. You only wager the minimum bet until you win.

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