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Zoom Roulette

Zoom Roulette

Zoom roulette is another exciting version of the famed casino table game, roulette. This particular variation was developed by BetSoft and shares many similarities with European roulette.  If you are new to this variant you don’t have to worry because it’s not a complex game to play. The overall aim of the game stays trying to predict where the ball will land once it comes to rest on the wheel. That doesn’t change in zoom roulette.

What separates zoom roulette from other types of online roulette is all in the name. The game has a zoom feature that distinguishes it from the rest. Your screen is divided into two sections. The top half of the screen is where you’ll find the betting table with all the available chip denominations located to the left of the table. Clear buttons, used to remove or correct a bet is seen to the right of the table. The various bets that you can place is seen at the top of the betting table. The roulette wheel shows on the bottom half of the screen.

The minimum bet that you can place in zoom roulette at the average online casino is 3 chips while the maximum is 500 chips. This amount can be raised with approval from the casino manager for all the high rollers out there.  You can contact the casino staff by using the live chat feature found in zoom roulette to make this request. The house edge in the game is 2.7%.

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Zoom Roulette Rules

The rules found in zoom roulette is the same as the rules found in European roulette. It’s important to mention though that this version includes a feature called the “Hamburg”. With this feature in effect, if the ball lands in the zero pocket on the wheel, those who bet on even/odd numbers or made colour bets will receive half their money back.

Betting an actually playing is quite simple. Players choose the denomination of chips they would like to bet and place it on the right spot on the table. Once all bets are placed and the outcome of the spinning wheel is revealed, the croupier will call out the winning bet and payouts will be made.  There’s a history button on the screen in zoom roulette where you can keep track of the game.

Online zoom players have a total of nine betting options. The lowest payouts that you can get come from standard wagers like odd/even, red/black or hi/low. Wagers with higher payouts include corner bets, split, street and straight up bets. These pay 35:1.

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Bets and Payouts

If you are not new to roulette, you’ll recognize some of the bets in the table below. The ratios for each is the same as well. It’s important to know what each bet pays this way you make better decisions during the game and hopefully optimize your chances of winning real money.

Zoom Roulette Bet Payout
Dozen or column bet2:1
Split bet17:1
Straight up bet35:1


Zoom Roulette Strategy

To give yourself a fair chance at winning anything, we suggest you take a low risk approach when playing this game. Here are two of our most trusted roulette strategies that you can use to help you win.

Firstly we suggest that you place outside bets to give yourself better odds of winning. Outside bets cover a larger portion of numbers on the table which will give you better chances of winning. The return on investment might be smaller than with other kinds of bets, but at least the risk is less.

The second strategy we suggest is placing two dozen and column bets at the same time. This way you cover half of the betting options on the table.

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Special Features of the Game

To get a clearer sense of exactly how zoom roulette differs from say French or American roulette, have a look at the table below. The most notable special feature about zoom roulette is the fact that it includes a racetrack. This is not a common feature in other types of roulette and not all casinos offer it.

Return to Player (RTP)97.30%
House Edge2.7%
Type of rouletteEuropean
Bet limits3 – 500 coins
Auto play modeNo
Fast play modeNo
Called betsYes
Special featureAutomated wheel
Recommended zoom roulette casinoBovada


Another exciting element to zoom roulette is the audio feature in the game. There’s music that plays in the background and you have the option to mute it at any time. Zoom roulette is accessible on desktop and instant play versions directly from your browser.

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