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Best Payout Slot Machines

best payout slot machinesNobody plays slots without the hopes of winning. So, how do you increase your chances of doing so? Well, one way in which to do so is to make sure that you play the best payout slots. Slot games with a higher payout percentage generally tend to payout on a more regular basis than those with a lower percentage. These percentages should guide your game choice more than look, feel and promotional offers available.

If you would like to find out more about the highest payout slot machines online and where to find them, read on down below. We have created the ultimate guide to the best paying games where we have a look at factors such as:

  • How RTP percentages work
  • The top 10 slots for payouts
  • Tips and tricks for slot games

We also list the gambling sites that offer the games with the top payouts, so that we you can get started as quick as possible.

Casinos with the Highest Slot Payouts

Best Payout Slots Links

best casino slot machine payouts

Best Casino Slot Machine Payouts: How Do RTP Percentages Work?

A slot machine’s payout percentage is very important. It helps you determine whether or not it is worth playing a game. Also known as a return to player (RTP) percentage, this figure tells you how much a game returns to a player against how much is wagered.

So, let’s say a game has a payout percentage of 99%. Essentially, this means that the game pays out players 99c for every dollar spent on it. However, a payout percentage does not mean that you are guaranteed this return. The figure is based on averages, so you do stand a chance of losing money while playing games. (You should actually play every casino game with the expectation of some losses.)

If you are guaranteed a win at slots with high payout percentages, then why play at them? Well, games with higher payout percentage give you a better chance of winning overall. In addition, the game has shown a willingness to payout, which means that it may do so again in future.

Payout percentages are a pretty reliable measure of a slot game. Players can trust that these figures are true at trusted casino sites as they are often tested by independent online casino gaming bodies, such as eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing (TST).

The 10 Best Payout Slot Games

cosmic quest slot

1.      Cosmic Quest 2 Mystery Planets (Rival) – 98%

As the name pretty much implies, Comic Quest 2 Mystery Planets is a space-themed online slot with a very high RTP percentage. The game features 20 paylines and the standard five reel and three row structure. With a low volatility, it is completely possible to walk away with some winning in this game.
rock on slot

2.      Rock On! Slot (Rival) – 98%

Rock On! is a slot inspired by rock music and its legends. It features a soundtrack that should appeal to any fan of the music genre. Gameplay wise it features a few bonus modes, a high payout percentage and low volatility, meaning that you have got a good chance of winning. There is also a very low minimum bet, meaning that it is perfect for low rollers testing the waters.
good girl bad girl slot

3.      Good Girl Bad Girl (Betsoft) – 97.79%

Good Girl Bad Girl is a slot game featuring a theme highlighting the ever-eternal battle between and evil. The game is a 15 payline game with the standard 5×3 layout. Interestingly enough, it is also a progressive jackpot game. It is rare to find a progressive game with such good volatility.
gypsy rose slot

4.      Gypsy Rose (Betsoft) – 97.60%

Gypsy Rose is a five-reel slot game with 30 paylines. The game features a fortune teller theme with many bonus modes, which has helped increase its RTP. With a high range between the minimum and maximum bet, players with either a low or high bankroll have a chance of making money in this game.
achilles slot

5.      Achilles (RTG) – 97.5%

Achilles is one of Realtime Gaming’s most famous slot game. It makes use of a traditional Greek mythology theme. Players attempt to lead the famous mythical hero to victory in the Trojan War and share in the plunder. You stand a great chance of winning moderately-sized jackpots in this title.
aztec treasure

6.      Aztec Treasure (RTG) – 97.5%

Another on of RTG’s more famous games, Aztec Treasure (not to be confused with its progressive variation, Aztec Millions) provides players with great chance to win big jackpots. You really need to try this game when visiting a casino powered by RTG.
at the copa slot

7.      At the Copa (Betsoft) – 97.42%

A beautiful slot game inspired by a famous Barry Manilow song and the sweet traditional dances of South America. Players get an easy chance to win big. We suggest sticking to the max bet on this one to ensure that you win the biggest possible prize.
texas tea slot

8.      Texas Tea (IGT) – 97.35%

Pretty much any game that include Texas in the name is either about oil or cowboys. This game has both as you spin the reels on this 3×3 game with 9 paylines. We can’t say that the visuals are very impressive, but the payouts certainly are.
greedy goblins slot

9.      Greedy Goblins (Betsoft) – 97.20%

Greedy Goblins is one of the more popular Betsoft games with most casinos powered by the provider offering it. With loads of bonus features as well as a progressive jackpot, players are sure to have a great time while playing the game.
silver unicorn slot

10.  Silver Unicorn Slot (Rival) – 96%

Silver Unicorn is a great game to play if you are into fantasy games and need a game suitable for a small budget. The graphics may be a bit weak but you won’t care when you walk away with your share of the game’s desirable jackpot.

Highest Payout Slots – Tips and Tricks

The following tips aren’t guaranteed to get you wins. However, they may get you to look at finding games a bit differently, which in turn may increase your return rate.

  • Always have a look at a game’s payout percentage. A game with an exciting theme and impressive graphics may seem very alluring but if the RTP is low, you are decreasing your chances of winning.
  • Volatility is probably even more important than payout percentage. Essentially, volatility determines the frequency of a payout. Some games may post a high payout percentage but the average was calculated based on jackpot win. Games with low volatility give you frequent wins.
  • Consider your bankroll when picking a game. You do not want to pick a game that features $50 spins if your bankroll consists only of $100. This means you will get two attempts and thereafter be twiddling your thumbs.
best slots payout casinos

Best Slot Sites for Payout – FAQs

What slot machines have the best payouts?

Good Girl Bad Girl (Betsoft), Immortal Romance (Microgaming), Pay Dirt (RTG), and Caesar’s Empire (RTG) are some of the games with the best payout percentages.

When do slots payout the best?

Theoretically, there are more jackpots won in the evening than in the morning or afternoon at both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. The reason behind this is more the fact that more people visit the casino in the evening than they do in the day. With more people playing games, it is more likely that a jackpot will be hit.

Which slot machines have the best odds?

Random jackpot machines are said to provide players with the best odds whereas progressive jackpot games are said to have the worst odds. You can read up on a game’s volatility to make your own determination of the odds you face before playing it.

How do you know if a slot machine is loose?

You can determine if a slot is loose by looking at its volatility percentage. Very often, players tend to think that there is magic involved with determining if a slot will payout or not but it’s got more to do with research. If a game as a high payout and low volatility percentage, you are more likely to win a prize.

What is the best day of the week to play slots?

Some have suggested that perhaps the best time to play slot games at brick-and-mortar casinos is the early hours of Sunday morning (around 2AM or so). The reason for this is that Saturdays tend to be the days that casinos are busiest and games are more likely to have more action on them. So, you may be lucky enough to hit a game’s desired number for a payout.

How do you win big on penny slots?

You win big on penny slots by placing the max bet and betting on all the paylines. Understand that big on penny slots means a couple of hundred dollars with maximum being around $6500.

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