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Online Slots Facts

SlotsFor the average player, knowing all the slots facts is a must. Slot machines are very popular in the world of online gaming because it’s not only fun but create an opportunity to win big. It’s also one of the simplest casino games to play, as it doesn’t require much skill. Also, slot machine games are affordable with the average minimum bet amount starting with just a few cents. It can expand to a few hundred dollars to appeal to all the high rollers.

Given its popularity, we’ve dedicated this article to discuss all the slots facts that we think you should know. Having a factual understanding of the game might help you play better and remain level-headed at all times. You can expect to read up on our top secrets for winning at slot machines and find a quick history of the game. We’ll also give you a rundown on how online slot machines work, and we’ll also bust a few slot game myths. Head over to any of our top casinos and start playing online slots now.

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Top 5 Slots Facts

The slot facts we discuss below are all the information we’ve gathered about the game over the years.

1. Progressive Slot Jackpots

One of the reasons why slot games are so popular is because it has some great payouts should you get lucky. Many also have progressive jackpots where you stand to win the most money. Some progressive jackpots can go as big as the totals won in lottery games. In progressive slot jackpot games, everybody who is playing that particular slot online or offline has a shot at winning. Jackpots are usually set at a certain amount and grows gradually with every bet.

2. Slots Don’t Keep Track Records

While on the topic of progressive jackpots, its worth mentioning that progressive jackpots don’t keep a record of how many jackpot payouts they’ve made. Players often have all kinds of superstitions about slot game jackpots. Some believe that there are hot slots and cold slots. Some also believe that slot machine software somehow records when the last payment was made and might be less likely to make another jackpot payment soon. This isn’t true because the results of the machines are completely random and cannot be controlled. The next jackpot win could happen at any time.

Online Slots Facts

3. Traditional Slots and Modern Slots Are Not the Same

There are big differences between slot machines when they were first created, and slot machines today. Only a few components went into building a traditional slot machine like levers, reels and coin slots. Today, with slot games being available both on the web and offline, much more work goes into it. Many people contribute to creating one slot machine that requires components like touchscreens, RNGs, bill validators and machine cabinets.

4. Online Slots and Land-Based Slots Work the Same

The industry has progressed in such a way that it makes it possible for players to get the same experience regardless of where they play slot games. Slots at a land-based venue might have a different atmosphere, but the game is played the same way either-or. Online slots have done a good job of emulating the game as best they can.

5. The RTP Percentage is Generally 90% or Above

Another great slot fact is that the return to player percentage for any slot game is almost guaranteed to be 90% and above. This means that should you win, you’ll get a good amount of your bet back. The slot industry is extremely competitive so most casinos offer anything between 93% – 94%. However, you get some casinos that go as high as 98%!

Slots Myths or Facts

Odds of Winning at Slots

All casino games hold some kind of house edge over the player. And, you can determine what that house edge is by finding out what the payoffs is for each bet, as well as what the odds are for winning each bet. But this doesn’t apply to slot games. Slot machines have different symbols each with its own value. And, the more like symbols you align on the reel, the better your payout. In slot games, you cannot determine which symbol will appear where. Because of this, it’s impossible to determine the house edge. The house edge found in slot games is often higher than the house edge found in other casino games.

The Truth About Slot Machines

All in all, slot games are one of the best casino games out there, and that’s a slot fact. Slot games come in different themes and are developed by many different software providers. Some have progressive jackpots to benefit from and the RTP of the games are generally great for the player. It’s also easy to play and doesn’t require a hefty bankroll.

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