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Online Slots Tournaments Explained

best slot tournamentsOnline slot tournaments are quite popular events at casino sites. Casinos often use tournaments as a way to promote new games, and love it because it offers them immediate access to big cash prizes. Some tournaments are free to all players, whereas others require players to pay a fee to participate. Many of the free slot tournaments even offer players a chance to play games without risking their own bankroll.

If you would like to find out more about slot tournaments at gambling sites, stick around. Below we have a look at what and how slot tournaments are, the types of events available and tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing in these events. We also list the online casinos with a great number of slot tournaments. So, make sure to read on and begin playing in tournaments today!

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What are Slots Tournaments?

Slot tournaments are competitions in which players compete against each other on a leaderboard. A prize pool is declared at the beginning of the tournament and player winnings are based on their position. For example, a prize pool may have a $50 000 prize. The first player will win $25 000 whereas the second player may win $10 000 and so on.

To join a slots tournament, you will have to pay a fee, usually around $50 to $100. Some tournaments may require an invitation, which you will receive based on the amount of cash you have spent playing slots at the casino.
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How Do Slot Tournaments Work?

The terms and conditions surrounding a slot tournament is dependent on the casino in question and the type of tournament you want to participate in. (We go through the types of tournaments available in the next section).

In general though, all slot tournaments follow the same basic principles:

  • All tournaments have a start and end time as well as a predetermined prize pool.
  • At the start of the tournament, all players get the same number of free credits to play slot games.
  • Players use the credits to play the games and win extra coins.
  • Once the tournament has come to an end, coins are tallied up and winners are announced.
  • Your winnings are dependent on your position on the leaderboard.
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Types of Slots Tournaments

There are three popular types of slots tournaments available at casino sites:

  • Scheduled Tournaments – these tournaments have a specific date and time and often offer massive prize pools. Quite often, these tournaments are open to the public, meaning that there are a lot of players and it is harder to win these events.
  • Slot Tournament Freeroll – these are very popular with players as these events do not feature an entry fee. The drawback of these tournaments is that the prize pools are relatively small. In addition, as these competitions are free, there are loads of players so these tournaments are difficult to win.
  • Sit and Go Tournaments – these are tournaments that start when all the free seats are filled. The number of players is limited so these tournaments are easier to win. As with freeroll events, these tournaments have small prize pools.
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Freeroll Slots Tournaments Casinos: Tips and Tricks

There aren’t many tips and tricks you can use to improve your odds of winning a slot tournament. Slots are entirely based on luck and you have very little effect on your chance of winning. That said, there are two things you can do which could perhaps slightly alter your chances:

  1. You need to spin the reels as fast as you can. Often, slot tournaments are short events. You need to make sure that you are spinning the reels as many times as you can in the time period available. Try to keep a rhythm as this is usually the best strategy.
  2. You should place maximum bets. Again, slot tournaments don’t last very long, so it is important to hit it hard while you can. We don’t recommend doing this when playing slots at other times, but you need to give yourself the best chance of winning in tournaments.
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Free Online Slot Tournaments Win Real Money – FAQs

How do you win online slot tournaments?

In slot tournaments, you will receive credits from the casinos, which you will then have to play through during a predetermined amount of time. The casino will track your number of wins, with you accumulating coins with each win. The player with highest number of coins wins the tournament.

What casinos have free tournaments?

You can play in free slot tournaments at the following casinos:

  1. All-Star Slots
  2. Lucky Red
  3. Crypto Reels
  4. Manhattan Slots
  5. Exclusive Casino

How do you win the slot machines every time?

There is no way to win on slot games every time you play them. The games are fully based on luck unless you are cheating, which we do not recommend that you do because it is illegal in many areas.

Are slot tournaments rigged?

No, slots tournaments are not rigged. Some players fear that games have been fixed to ensure that players always lose. However, casino games at gambling sites are tested by independent bodies for fairness. If they are not deemed fair, we will not recommend that casino.

How much does it cost to enter a slot tournament?

This varies from casino to casino as well as tournament to tournament. As a general rule, many casinos expect you to pay about $50 to play in a tournament.

How do you get invited to slot tournaments?

To be invited to a slot tournament, you simply need to be a member of the casino who has played a certain number of hours on slot machines. Each casino has a different set amount of times, so it is a bit difficult to put a number on how much you have to play to get the invitation. Thus, we suggest that you have a look at the terms and conditions surrounding the tournament at the casino you are playing at.

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