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Oregon Ducks and Arizona State Stats in Week 13 of Pac-12

Oregon Ducks have clinched their place as Northern Division’s lead. Week 13 of Pac-12 Championships is already gearing up to be an exciting match up. The Ducks rank 6th according to AP 25 who have been ranking college sports since 1936. This is Oregon’s first time in the lead since 2014. Ducks’ next match is against Arizona State whose last match was against the Duck’s name sake- Oregon State, where they narrowly missed a win by 1 point.  The odds and predictions for the upcoming games in week 13 are out. With AP 25’s rankings out already, most sportsbooks will have taken these into consideration. Will your Oregon Ducks make it to the grand final of Pac-12 and actually make it to the 16Th week? Find out as we lay out the odds for its upcoming match against Arizona State.

Oregon Ducks v Arizona State Odds and Predictions

While Oregon Ducks goes into this match strong, the Arizona State has been plagued with some woes. Players have been suspended on insubordination and being late top meetings. This already shows the lack of focus in Arizona camp. There are a number of injuries in the Ducks camp which are expected to somewhat affect odds.

Oregon vs Arizona State Predictions

The Sun Devils have lost four games in a row, whilst the last game played by Oregon Ducks was a resounding victory with 34-6 win.

Tips for Betting on the Ducks vs Sun Devils

If you are betting totals the results for Oregon Ducks have been under the predictions in its last 10 games

They have won the last 5 matches straight up.

Arizona State is 1-4 Straight up, so we don’t expect an outright win this Saturday

If you plan on betting totals note that they have gone over 4 in the previous 5 games.

Oregon Ducks-14-600
Arizona State+14.5475


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