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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles Madden20 Sim Picks, Predictions & Odds 4/30/20

Today, Bovada is running an all Pittsburgh match up with the Philadelphia Eagles at the Pittsburgh Steelers in Madden 20. This is a bit of a hard one given that both teams had rather average showings in the 2019 season. And, the video game series is pretty famous for not being unpredictable with player performances in relation to what is happening in real-life.

Arguably, it is this unpredictability that makes betting on sims better than betting on real games. (Relax, we aren’t being serious). But who should you place your money on this simulation? Well, here’s our prediction.

eagles vs steelers madden20 sim prediction

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles Madden20 Sim Predictions

Here are some facts and stats about the upcoming game:

  • The last sim featuring the Eagles saw the team notch a 51-6 win over the Buffalo Bills. With the game placing very little confidence in Bills quarterback Josh Allen, this was not at all surprising. The Steelers will be much harder to perform well against.
  • The Eagles’ have a strong offense with players such as tight-end Zach Ertz, wide receivers Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson, and quarterback Carson Wentz all rated above 80. There are several scrimmage players ranked above 90, including center Jason Kelce and right guard Brandon Brooks, giving a higher statistical chance of Wentz making successful passes.
  • The Steelers’ last sim saw the team lose 19-12 to the Washington Redskins, which just shows how unpredictable this game can be. It also suggests that the Steelers may be more likely to lose against teams that are more challenging to play against.
  • Offensively, the Steelers are not as highly rated as the Eagles. The highlight of the offensive squad is wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster who is rated at 86, which is a bit low compared to the Eagles set-up. In addition, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is rated at 81, which is his lowest Madden rating in years although the game still has him throwing strong short passes.

Our Prediction

Go for the Philadelphia Eagles. The game’s algorithm seems to favor Philadelphia with the team picking up big wins against some of the less capable teams in the league. Unlike the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team was also able to scrape into postseason, which most likely affected overall team rankings going forward.

We think it will be close though, so we suggest going for a spread bet on the Eagles. If you aren’t feeling confident enough for that, go for a moneyline. It offers an opportunity for a fair gain. Make sure to watch the game tonight at

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