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Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears Madden 20 Sim Predictions, Picks & Odds 5/26/20

Today’s line-up of NFL Madden sims features a big NFC bout with the Chicago Bears taking on the Seattle Seahawks at Century Link Field. The Seahawks come into this one, having posted a record of 3-2 in Bovada’s Sim Classic tournament. Despite not making it to the NFC Championship game in the 2019-20 game, the Seahawks had a strong season with quarterback Russell Wilson being a strong candidate for league MVP. (It did take him about 10 games to throw an interception.)

The Chicago Bears seem to be better video game form than in real-life. The team at one point actually had a good chance of winning the Sim Classic despite playing very tough opposition in the later stages of the tournament. It will be interesting to see whether or not this overall trend continues in these once-off match-ups.

seattle seahawks vs chicago bears madden 20 prediction

Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears Madden 20 Sim Predictions

So, who’s go the edge in this game? Well, here are some key stats to look at:

  • The Seahawks have a strong offense. They are led by quarterback Russell Wilson with a rating of 97, who has accuracy stats other players could only dream of. He is backed up by a wide receiver with a rating of 88 and running back Chris Carson with a rating of 86. Marshawn Lynch also appears in the game as a halfback with a rating of 84 despite only joining the squad in postseason.
  • The Seahawks also have some star players on their defense, which still shows the remnants of the Legion of Boom. This part of the squad is led by linebacker Bobby Wagner who is rated 98 and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney who is ranked 88 (and now also a free agent).
  • Unfortunately, the Bears don’t quite have the same level of talent on their offensive squad as the Seahawks. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky is rated 73, and you can’t really trust him to throw a long ball. However, he has some strong support in the form of wide receiver Allen Robinson II (89) and tight-end Taylor Gabriel (81).
  • Defensively, Chicago has an excellent line-up. Linebacker Khalil Mack leads the way with a rating of 98. He is backed up by the likes of Eddie Jackson (89) and Akiem Hicks (88). Overall, it has been the defense that won games for the Bears by forcing low-scoring games.

Our Prediction

The Bears have been able to scrape out some victories over some big teams. However, we don’t think this streak can continue forever. Yes, the team is good defensively, but their offense really struggles. It will be tough to go against a team that has a good distribution of great players on both its offensive and defensive squads.

So, long story short, go for Seattle on this one for either the moneyline or the spread, and you should see a good payout.

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